Saturday, March 04, 2006

What's going on in my boring life as a mommy

Went to see the ObGyn again today.
She said my weight is okay (as opposed to being 'fat' last week) and baby is perfect. (actuallly she said 'normal', but to me anything 'normal' is perfect.. tee hee).
As you can see from my baby progress-o-meter thingamajig at the top there, I am 32 weeks. 8 more weeks or 2 months more to go!

I asked the doctor to write a letter stating when I'm going to give birth so that we can give the letter to the immigration office and get my mother's visit visa approved, and we got the official doctor's letter today. Yay!

I also asked the doctor about the placenta.
You see, it is customary for Malays to bury the baby's placenta carefully (away from animals and such). It's usually buried under a tree (so that it's cool and that would reflect in the child's temperament somehow). More traditional folks bury the placenta in an earthen pot, with pencils (so that the child becomes learned) or needles (so that the child knows how to sew) and .. actually I don't know what else. I don't know whether the child would become an engineer (or a car mechanic) if you plant the placenta with a spanner or screwsrivers, and whether the child will become a musician if you include a flute or something.
Malay folks also believe that wherever you bury your child's placenta, that is where he/she will associate 'home' with. All my 3 kids had their placentas buried within the compound of the mosque in front of my mom's house (under a coconut tree that Taufik planted himself). I guess that's why they feel so at home at nenek's (grandma's) house.

Anyways, I just discovered that this is actually a unique Malay thing. It's not even a muslim thing. According to the doctor, the placenta will usually be processed like any other bio-hazardous material and is not given to the parents. But since I had asked, she said she will put it in a jar and give it to my husband after the delivery.
I think Taufik will probably bury it in our backyard.. and I wonder if that means that my 4th son will think of S@udi as his home.

And I'm trying to think, where is *my* placenta buried? Maybe my dad knows.

I know Taufik's is buried in the schoolyard of the Primary School in Kalai, Kedah, not under the shade of a tree.. heh heh.. My mom-in-law says that it explains his hot-headedness.. tee hee.

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