Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Doing the 69...

Got this from deepblue .. and i have nothing to write about today.. :)

1. How old do you feel? 25! .. tee hee!
2. Where were you on september 11th, 2001? in Impiana Resort Cherating, lying on the bed, reading The Age of Innocence and watching TV.
3. What do you believe is the meaning of life? to constantly spread love to other people.
4. Why is the sky blue? Coz God made it so. I can get into details, but I've got 65 more questions to answer
5. What is your favorite thing to cook? pasta
6. You have only a dollar to your name...what do you buy? food. (To give me energy, then I'd look for work and make some more money to buy me food).
7. What would your last meal be? I can't even imagine.. I hope it'll be porridge or something (coz I'd be so old I can't even chew anymore). But it could be whatever i'm gonna cook for lunch today (which I have not decided yet).
8. What is the youngest age you have memories of? about 2 i think, I ate a flower and it tasted bitter.
9. What is your favorite thing in the world? thing? The TV.
10. What is your most missed memory? swimming with turtles in Pulau Perhentian
11. Have you ever punched someone on purpose? erm.. *thinks back* .. not that I'm aware of.
Oh, actually, I have.. I think I punched my sister once, for saying that my first boyfriend left me coz I was too bossy.

12. Do you know what color chartreuse is close to? errr .. yellow?
13. Did you like garbage pail kids? I dont even know who the garbage pail kids are.
14. Why do we have daylight savings time? To lie to the american people and make them believe that they can control the world by controlling time.. *muahahaha*
15. What living person would you want to meet? Eddie Vedder. surprise surprise.
16. What dead person? Any of the prophets, but I prefer Muhammad, of course.
17. Where in the world would you live if you could? On my own private island on the east coast of Malaysia.
18. Who is your favorite artist? hm.. I don't really have one.. but I like classic chinese/japanese prints and batik. And Lat. Does Lat count?
19. Who has had the most influence on you (good or bad)? My Mother.
20. What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate Ice Cream with nut sprinkles.
21. What age is your favorite so far in your life? I think every day I am alive is a gift.. I have no favourites.
22. Can you make cookies from scratch? noooooo!!! I suck at baking anything!!
23. Was the chicken first or the egg? what were they doing?
24. Hershey or nestle? Depends on what you're comparing. Nestle does not produce kisses, but I prefer their Cadbury Chocolate drink milk very much.
25. Night out or night in? Night in. I'm a homebody.
27. Single forever with a great family or no family and your soulmate? Can't I have both??? I think I already have both my soulmate and a great family *grin*
28. What is your favorite scented candle? I don't like scented candles. I think they're dangerous. But I like fruity smells.
29. Do you ever wear a wife beater? what? what is that?
30. If you could live in a store which one would it be? Any department store, like Parkson or JC Penney, preferable one that also has a section that sells food or candy.
31. Can you eat a dozen donuts in one sitting? Are they chocolate covered?
32. What is your favorite curse word? damn.
33. Your favorite regular word? sayang (love)
34. Have you ever read/tried to read the bible? yeah, but the words confuse me, so I gave up.
35. Who do you dislike most in the world? people who think they have the right to everything.
36. What is your ideal date? boy.. I havent been in one of these in a long time.. hm.. eat, then taling while taking a walk, then maybe a kiss?
37. Would you rather marry a deaf or blind person? A blind person.. I need someone who can listen to me.
38. What is your favorite shape? my husband's butt.
39. Can you eat just one chip? potato or chocolate? either way, no.
40. Where is the farthest you've ever been from home? To the U.S. to study.
41. What is your desktop background? *looks* The Al-Fateh islamic Center in Bahrain. Before this it was a picture of my kids. We change it every now and then.
42. What song do you identify with most? The theme for Toys R Us.
43. Which movie do you wish was your life? Toy Story. Wouldn't that be so cool??
44. Has someone ever intentionally put food on you? heh heh .. yes. Smuckers Strawberry Jam, and it was yummmeh!
45. What color is your favorite? depends on what. I like pinkish red on clothes. But I like earth colors on furniture. My lipstick shade is 'salmon'.
46. What color do you feel represents you? I think people think of pink when they think of me, so I guess, pink.
47. Do you believe in God? I think it's obvious that I do
48. Have you ever broken a bone? Thank God, no.
49. Have you ever shut someone's fingers in a door? oh yes and I am reminded of it often, especially when she looks at her nails and laments on how unshapely they are
50. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and hated? cow's brains, cooked in curry, by my mom in law, no less! *shivers*
51. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and liked? Fries with ice cream.
52. What is your ideal ice cream creation? Fudgy double chocolate chunk with pistachios or macadamias.
53. If you could marry someone from a movie (the character not actor) then who? At the mo, Willy Wonka. So he can feed me with chocolates everyday. (also see question 59)
54. What is your favorite thing to do? eat!
55. What is your favorite junk food? cheese puffs, or twisties.
56. What is the longest you've gone without talking to anyone? prolly an hour. Or maybe two.. the other day when Anis went off to go to her friend's house, I ended up being alone at home for 2 hours before Ihsan came back from school..
57. What is your favorite board game? scrabble.
58. Your favorite book? I know this is gonna sound so corny, but seriously, The Quran.. I can't seem to tire from exploring it. It's chocful of information.
59. What movie could you watch over and over again? at the moment, my kids are making me watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over and over and over again.. which actualy explains my craving for chocolate. (also see question 53)
60. Do you know how to change a tire? yes.
61. Have you ever eaten paste? I have eaten toothpaste, shrimp paste, hazelnut+chocolate paste..
62. What is your ideal halloween costume? store bought.
63. What toy have you always wanted and never gotten? You know them rails and towers that look like a mini roller coaster but you roll a metal ball instead? Those.
64. What item could you not go without during the day? a bra.
65. Do you consider yourself a smart person? yup *beams*
66. Do you close your eyes when you listen to music? only if I'm sleepy.
67. Do you eat the burnt chips? err yes.. *shame*
68. Is there anything you HAVE to do everyday? eat!!!
69. 3 wishes... go (no world peace. things that are possible):
1. chocolate. everyday.
2. the will to exercise. everyday.
3. the uncanny talent to whip up delicious dishes from scratch.

You can try it if you want. No pressure.

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