Tuesday, March 21, 2006

4 more weeks to go ...

Last Saturday I went to see my Ob/Gyn. She had set a date for my C-section. She said it should be on April 15th. I asked her whether it could be postponed (coz my mom is only scheduled to arrive in May, she's in Seattle helping out tulisje at the mo) but she said that since this is my 4th C-section, she does not advise carrying the baby past the 38th week.
So I had to email tulisje and buat muka tak malu and ask her if my mom can come home earlier than the previously scheduled date. I feel so guilty for having to take my mom away from her. It's her first baby after all.. but then, I have no one else to help me to get through the first few weeks at home with my baby. From my experience with the first 3, the first few weeks can get quite challenging coz I'd still be healing from the stitches and can't really move around much with ease. I would really need help with bathing the baby, especially.
Housework and the 3 kids, I can probably trust my husband with. But the baby.. not that I don't trust him, it's just that he can get a bit squeamish about handling a new born. He is usually more hands-on when the baby is older and not so soft muscle-wise.
If worse comes to worse (i.e. my mom can't come on time), no choice, I'd have to trust Taufik..
hee hee.. Come to think of it, I think that'd be quite fun to watch.


April 15th is a Saturday. If I deliver then, and stay in the hospital for 5 days, that would mean I'd be going home on Wednesday..
alright.. that means I'd still be able to catch Americ@n Id0l!

sheeesh... can't believe that a reality show is one of the determining factors for my child's delivery date...


We have decided, this will be my last pregnancy. I will request for a tub@l lig@tion during the C-section.
Somehow thinking about this being my last pregnancy, I think I will miss being pregnant. I kinda like knowing that I have something growing inside me. It sorta makes me feel kinda powerful.. I mean I can determine what the baby likes to eat, by watching what I eat during the pregnancy.. determine his mood by controlling my moods.. sorta makes you feel like an actual Goddess.
And I actually like feeling the baby move inside me and watching my tummy grow. Watching it change shape as the baby move around. Feeling my tummy's surface trying to figure out, is this his head? is this his elbow? are these his feet? or knees? I like rubbing and massaging the bulges and see it respond in movement, and chasing it around, almost like I was actually tickling it through the thick skin(and fat) of my belly.
I liked watching ultra-sound pictures and see the baby actually change from a tiny pulsating blob to an actual baby. Even for the 4th time, it never fails to awe me.
I think this 4th pregnancy has been the best among all, because I have my 3 kids to enjoy it with. Ilham and Ihsan is big enough to understand that I have a baby inside me, and Anis just have this natural loving instinct. When I was pregnant with Ilham, there was nobody to rub my tummy and talk to the baby. With Ihsan, Ilham was too young to understand.. I think he only noticed that I couldnt carry him around anymore. With Anis, Ilham&Ihsan understood but somehow they were not as attentive as they are now.
I often get requests to look and touch my tummy nowadays. Ilham would whisper "Hello Baby.. this is abang ilham". Ihsan would hug my round tummy every morning. Anis would help rub olive oil and always asks "Baby tidor?" (is baby asleep?). I think this little baby is going to feel so loved.

Oh but I can live without the midnight heartburn though..

Gosh. I still have so much to do!!
I need to find a rack for the baby stuff.
Last week I had looked at a second hand travel system (baby carseat and stroller in one), but we havent got a price quotation for it yet.
I plan to breastfeed, but i still need to buy a few bottles and teats , just in case..
I need to plan the changing table to bathing area routine and route.

On top of that, April 12th I have to visit the school and check out the reception class for Anis. April 12th is also the Spring Fair, and I promised to bake something that they can sell.. I think I'll do that next week when the kids are on their spring break.. that way they can help me out.

Hm.. come to think of it, that doesnt sound like it's too much to do..


Wish I had more time, but also wish it's not over so soon..

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