Friday, March 17, 2006

AI Top 12 Performence and Results

First, let me review the performences:

Ace (Do I Do) - I thought he was sumbang, and oh so so nasal. I couldnt understand a word he was singing, coz I think he was mumbling. I think Paula is pekak, coz I think Ace was aweful. I agree with Simon that Ace's performence was a bit manic. And I finally figured out why Ace look so familiar. He actually reminds me of Syazwan.. except that Syazwan is not so annoying, and probably has nicer hair. (Note: Syazwan is mokciknab's office mate. You can see him modelling on SuhaimiSulaiman's blog)

Kellie (Blame it on the sun) - I thought she was pretty boring this time, but when she started talking (in the after-performence interview with Ryan) she is SO FUNNY!!

Elliot (Knocks me off my feet) - the singing was smooth, but the overall performence was like a karaoke session. He didn't move much and didn't know how to use the stage. It was as if he was auditioning again. I hope next week he will dance more.

Mandissa (Don't U worry abt a thing) - I thought she was a bit off-key at first, but she really brought it on towards the end of the song. Superb job, as always. Berminyak nya muka makcik nih..

Bucky (Superstitious) - He chose something Bo Bice would've chosen, and it was obvious that he was quite comfrotable with the song. I think his voice was very very good for the song. He looked like he had a lot of fun too! And he also washed and blowed his hair!

Melissa (Lately) - She messed up the lyrics!! (but then I remember Bo messing up the lyrics once, but on a pre-result performence), vocally, she was okay though.

Lisa (Signed, Sealed, Delivered) - Now I know why she always sing ballads... She's a mellow kinda person, and not so good with up-tempo songs.. Even though it was obvious she was trying her best, somehow the delivery looked kinda deliberate, like it was very very staged. Like a bad broadway performence. Maybe it's coz we've seen Fantasia nail this song so Lisa paled in comparison.

Kevin (Part Time Lover) - vocally I thought Kevin was okay, though it was a bit straightforward, with no personality. And what was that dancing?? It was SO FUNNY! But I didnt think the performence was apalling..

Kat (Until U come back to me) - oh. my. god. She was so at ease!! She looked so professional. And beautiful. nuff said.

Taylor (Leavin' for the city) - like Kat, Taylor looked at ease, and as always he injected a lot of his soul into the song. This guy totally has no inhibitions when he's performing.. the crowd's reaction said it all..

Paris (All I do) - she was very very passionate and it translated in her performence and I agreed with Simon saying that it's as if we're watching a different show..some guys looked so amateurish (especially you know who) compared to the 2nd half.

Chris (Higher Ground) - I thought he did an amazing job, but seriously, I would like to see him tackle a song with less screaming. I know Rock is his genre, but I wanna see some range, some vocal acrobatics. Come on Chris!! I know u can do it!

Who I wanted to be out: ACE
Who I thought would be out: Melissa (you don't mess up Stevie's lyrics, man..)

Result show:
What in the world was Ace supposed to be in the F0rd video? Bigfoot?
I was SO HAPPY when Ace was in the bottom three. Americans have ears!! They are not tone deaf!! There is hope!
I wasnt suprised that Melissa was in it.
When it was only Lisa and Bucky left, of course I thought , "Oh No... Buckeeeee!!!", but surprise, surprise, Bucky was safe!
Melissa looked resign to her fate when she was standing there with Lisa and Ace. It was as if she knew that between the three, it would be her.
I was actually praying that it would be Ace, but what the hey..
At least it showed that there is hope that he will NOT be the next Americ@n Id0l.

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