Thursday, March 09, 2006

AI 2006 Final 8 guys

Gedeon - I thought he sang better than he did last two weeks, but somehow I think Gedeon is the male equivalent of Kinnick. Somehow I don't detect a lot of feeling from him. .. and "Music makes the world go round"??? Can you spell c.o.r.n.y?

Chris - I wish he'd show more range. I was hopping he'd sing something more mellow and something that shows his vocal prowess instead of just his vocal powers. But I see his strategy though. I think he's trying to keep the votes of the folks who had voted for him for the past two weeks. He's playing it safe and sticking to what he does best. I am looking forward to seeing him tackle other music genres in the coming weeks, something that requires less screaming. I mean Bo's best performences was when he really sang (remember the acapella song?)
(sidenote: Chris looks kinda hot with hair! .. actually Chris-with-hair kinda reminds me of Russell, dunno why..)

Kevin - at first I thought he was being very very predictable for picking Starry Starry Night, something that Josh Groban also sang, but then he pulled it off quite well. His voice was smooth and sounded very mature. He looked extremely adorable and I did really feel like squishing his rosy cheeks but then he blinked that blink and he made me think of Chicken Little again.. I dunno..

Bucky - Oh my god. We have 2 buckies!! It's funny how his brother, who looks almost exactly like him, could look so cute. Maybe coz Rocky shampoos his hair more often? I thought the performence was forgettable though. Like Chris, Bucky is playing it safe, by sticking to music he's comfortable with. Come on Bucky, take a chance!!

Will - erm.. what did he sing again? I didnt understand why Paula thought it was so good. It was okay lah, but not great.

Taylor - I thought he was going to sprain something! Macam nak tergeliat aje nih.. dia and the gedik duo patut get together lah. But I thought Taylor was the only one who really really really performed tonight. You can't help but feel his soul when he sings. He really puts everything he's got. The easter bunny bit was also so cute.

Elliot - was meh tonight. He did the Backstreet Boys' version of Heaven. I prefer it when he tackles more soulful songs that complements his voice. I wish Chris was singing Heaven. Now that would've been much more interesting. Budak ni banyak nya penyakit... diabetic lah, sakit telinga lah..

Ace - errrr... I cringed through the whole performence. Maybe it's coz I don't know the song. But I thought even an unknown song, performed beautifully, would appeal to the first time listener. It did not work for me. His falsetto on top of his nasal voice.. made me think of the chipmunks instead of the jacko.

Who I want to go: Ace, Will or Gedeon.
Who I think will go: Bucky and.. hm.. i dunno .. it's a toss between Will and Gedeon. pak-pak dan mak-mak hitam mesti vote budak tu punya lah kan.. so maybe dia akan stay.. tapi tak tahu lah pulak kan..? Let's just hope that the AI voters can see what a farce Ace the Face is.

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