Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Easy Peasy Tepung Boko (Tapioca pudding with coconut cream topping)

'Boko' actually means 'talam' (tray) in the dialect of the folks in the east coast of M@laysia. So the proper name for this dessert would be 'Tepung Talam Ubi Kayu'

Oh man... I have been craving for this for like.. TWO MONTHS.
I asked around for recipes coz I couldnt get my mom on the phone. And then when I did, Taufik kept asking me to wrap up the conversation coz it's so expensive to call home so I didnt get to ask her for the recipe.
OndeOnde gave me a recipe, but hers required steaming, and it wasnt exactly the way my mom did it, plus I don't have a steamer (yet).
Luckily I managed to ask my sister in Seattle right before she gave birth, to ask my mom (Who was with her to assist with the delivery and taking care of the baby) for the recipe and email it to me. I got the recipe exactly the day before she gave birth.

So the next thing I did was go shopping for ingredients.
The recipe stated half a kilo of tapioca. I picked out a few pieces of tapioca and thought they looked so little, so I took some more and ended up with 1 kilo.
It looked less after I had peeled and grated/blended the tapioca. I ended up with roughly 1.5 cups of blended tapioca which looked measly to me, but as soon as I cooked it, it swelled to A LOT of tapioca..!!
It is actually extremely easy to make. The only tedious part is grating/blending the tapioca. Cooking took about 20-30 minutes for each layer, and that is because it was under low heat.

Tepung Boko : Tasted and Approved by Kelas Tajweed Ar@mco 2006

I don't mean to brag, but damn was it good..! It definitely satisfied my cravings... *lick lips* and *lick spoon*

Easy Peasy Tepung Boko (Tapioca pudding with coconut cream topping)

Tapioca layer:
1.5 cups of raw tapioca (peeled, cleaned, grated or blended. Put in a sieve but collect the liquid. Let the liquid stand for a while till the starch seperates from water. Discard water, put the starch back into the tapioca)
3 cups of water (or more.. this is at your discretion)
1 cup of sugar (again, at your dicretion.. I used roughly this much. The tapioca needs to taste sweeter than you think to balance out the creamy topping)
1/4 tsp of salt
2 tablespoons of thick coconut milk (I used the canned coconut milk)

Cook the tapioca + water + sugar over slow fire in a pot (my mom uses a wok, but my wok had oil in it coz I had fried chicken for lunch and was too lazy to wash it so I used a pot), keep stirring to avoid burning the tapioca, until the tapioca becomes transluscent. Add salt and coconut milk. Taste and add sugar if necessary. Stir until it thickens to the consistency of them paste you use in school.
Pour into a container that has been rubbed with a bit of cooking oil.

Coconut cream layer:
1200ml (roughly 6 cups) of thick coconut milk (I used 3 cans of 400ml each)
6 tablespoons rice flour, tapioca flour or corn flour (I used tepung beras - rice flour, and the ratio is like 1 tablespoon for every 200ml of coconut milk)
6 tablespoons of sugar (1 tbsp for every 200ml of coconut milk)
1.5 teaspoons of salt (1/4 teaspoon for every 200ml of coconut milk)

Mix rice flour with some of the coconut milk till smooth and well blended before adding it into the whole concoction (this avoids clumps). Cook coconut milk+rice flour+sugar under slow fire until the coconut milk thickens to roughly the same consistency of the tapioca. Add salt (but taste to make sure its not too salty).
Pour into the container on top of the tapioca.
Let cool, then chill before serving.

As I said, I ended up with more tapioca than I actually needed. This recipe yielded 3 medium sized containers (12inch by 6 inch) of this delicious dessert. You could reduce the recipe accordingly, just make sure the ratios stay the same.

To serve, just scoop out an equal portion of tapioca and topping into a bowl/plate. You have to eat it with a spoon.

Yummy yummy!! Anis loves it!

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