Monday, March 13, 2006

Tadpole Rag and Caterpillar Boogie

Today we attended the Key Stage One Production of Tadpole Rag and Caterpillar Boogie.
It was so much fun!! And so pretty!

Ihsan was a cocoon, and his costume was just this white sack that covered his whole body and all he did was wriggled on stage (as if he was about to come out) while the others sang the cocoon song.
(But when the others were 'performing', Ihsan would be singing instead)
I think he had fun, coz he has been singing the songs for the past 2 weeks or so. His voice was drowned out by the others because he had a slight sore throat (poor ihsan..) and he looked so serious on stage.
I saw him scan the audience and I put up my hand and waved until I caught his eye, and you should see the way he beamed.. :D
There was a resounding applause when the production was over by the audience. I felt so proud I got all misty eyed..

We tried to get a picture of him with the full costume after the performence was over, but his teacher had taken it off (I guess to make it easier for him to walk around). We tried to get a picture of him against the awesome backdrop, but there were too many people mingling about (as you can see).
So we settled for a hug and kiss, instead.

A friend of ours (who is the mommy to the 'bird' you see in the bottom 2 pictures) took a video of the performence, so we will get to watch it again, one day, I hope!

Can you spot ihsan in this picture?

here's a close up to help you..

Look at him beam :D

Too many people!! Come here and give me a kiss instead..

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