Thursday, March 02, 2006

My little kitten is 4!!

I can't believe that Anis is 4 already.. it feels like it was just yesterday that I was carrying her around in my arms and she was crawling like a commando on our very empty living room.
Okay, so lets track her progress for the past year...

Anis can now brush her teeth on her own. She knows how to rinse and spit without swallowing too. It was quite a difficult skill to teach. I always felt sick when I was teaching her how, coz I had to watch her swallow ... *eyewww*. She said it taste good though.. we use Mango or Apple flavoured Kodomo Lion Toothpaste.
She is also very very toilet trained. She is the only kid I have (at the mo) who can wake up in the middle of the night, switch on the light, go to the toilet, wash and flush, then put her pants back on, then crawl back to bed, all on her own. There had been a few accidents of course, but I think not as often as her brothers.

Anis can also bathe on her own (but I would have to monitor her and make sure she soaps up and shampoos her hair). She hates to shampoo coz she is so scared of the bubbles getting into her eyes.
She can dry up on her own, and she insists on dressing up herself. She knows what she wants to wear most of the time and usually chooses her own outfits.
She's a regular girly girl.. :). She likes pink. A Lot.
She's also very helpful in putting away the laundry. She usually waits for me to finish folding up clothes (and sometimes she'd help with her own undies coz they're easy to fold) and then she would help carry them to her room and put them in her chest of drawers. It's not perfectly neat and tidy, but hey, I am thankful for the help! :)

Anis knows how to eat on her own. Sometimes she insists on eating on her own, but sometimes she begs to be fed. Sometimes she insists on eating on her own, but it takes such a long time for her to finish, I have to beg to feed her. Her favourite food is noodles. Any kind of noodles.. spaghetti bolognaise, creamy spaghetti, instant noodles, maggi goreng, rice vermicelli in soup.. i guess anything long and stringy makes for a fun mea ltime for her.
She also likes fast food (what kid doesnt?). Pizza (plain cheese + thin crust, please. Anything else and she'll pick off the topping), burgers, fries, fried chicken, donuts, chocolate muffins...
She's fickle about her food though. Sometimes I'd serve her something I know she'd like and she'll decide she just doesnt like it that day.

Anis luuurrrves to dance. She would watch tikkabilla on children's BBC and dance dance dance. She'd watch the arabic music channel and dance dance dance. She always suprises us with her new moves. (This picture doesnt really capture her funnier dance moves).
She also likes to sing. She'd pick up songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, from the C@rtoon Network and from the Disney channel. She doesnt always get the words right, but she almost always gets the tunes down pat.

Anis also likes to make funny faces. She has all sorts of expressions for all sorts of situations, but this is one of her funniest. She'd go "Why?" and spreads out her hands and purses her lips.. quite irresistable. She usually does this when I ask her to finish up her food. (I stand my ground of course, and go into my lecture of how you need energy to play and food supplies you energy). She also does this "Why??" expression after she has written the letter Y.
Which brings us to what I think is her greatest achievement in the past year...

Anis has learnt how to write!!! Her writing is legible, though her spelling is not (she's only 4, what do you expect..). She writes quite neatly, i.e. she has enough control to be able to keep it between the lines in the book. Though sometimes when she feels like it, she will write her letters in really large print, spanning almost half a page.
She enjoys writing a lot. Whenever she finds a pencil/pen and her writing book (or any piece of paper for that matter), she'd write. Sometimes she'd write rubbish and she'd read it back to me (It's usually a really long story about a girl who goes out playing in the park or eats ice cream or something). Sometimes she'd ask me how to spell a particular word and I'd spell it to her and she'd make a big fuss about how she doesnt know how to write a certain letter and makes a big hoo ha and yeahoo when she manages to write that certain letter..
I don't know whether you can see it, but in that picture she wrote "Anis Cat Meow".

Well, that's my little girl..
My BIG girl... she's gonna be a kakak (big sister) soon.. :)


Bonda loves you!! *muah muah muah*

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