Monday, March 20, 2006

Be crhool to your scuel (a.k.a. The School Meme)

I wanted to write about something else, but since my sis-in-law threatened me into this...

How many schools did I go to?

My father worked for RTM (The national broadcasting corporation), so we moved around a lot.. so I guess I went to quite a few schools before I finally went to a boarding school and stayed put even when my family had to move. (You'll see this fact true for almost all my siblings)
So here goes:
1. Sekolah Rendah Sultan Ismail (1), Kuala Trengganu. I only went there for one year, and I remember that my teacher was this really sexy chinese lady who liked to wear sleeveless tops and mini skirts.
2. Sekolah Rendah Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya. I went there for 2 years. First few months I didnt make any malay friends because the only version of malay I knew was in Trengganu dialect and they couldnt understand me. I could speak fluent english, so most of my friends were chinese or indian. I had a lot of fun in this school. We made up a lot of adventures and mysteries to solve, my best friend (Adeline Yap Lai Fong) and I.
3. Sekolah Rendah Assunta Convent, Kuantan. I was the 'girl from the big city' and my name didnt help me much coz some kids thought I was a snob even before they talked to me, but eventually I made friends. Some even, who are still good friends with me till now.
4. Sekolah Menengah Tanah Putih, Kuantan. This was a school that my mother taught at, but she didnt teach my class coz I was put in a class that didnt have Home Science (*phew* .. i think that'd be awkward). I was the only malay girl in my class and it was really weird coz they had two sessions of mandarin every week and I was always lost. I'd usually do my homework during that session. I was there for about a month or so I think, because then I got offered a place in a boarding school.
5. Mara Junior Science College, Kuantan. Which is the boarding school mentioned above. Again, at first I think a lot of people misjudged me by my name, but it didnt take long for people to see that I'm not really a snob or 'anak lord' (rich kid), especially when they saw I could wash my own clothes and seldom have pocket money (I only get $5 a week, while most of the other kids get extra pocket money for snacks and stuff). First few months I got really homesick even though my dad would come to pick me up every other weekend..

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?

I was definitely the last minute hero. I really hated studying. I'd finish my homework of course, but I'd rather be watching TV than reading the textbooks.
I'd only study if there's an exam coming.. tomorrow. and usually it's with some music on (Wings!! remember, dory?) and a packet of some kinda junk food at hand, lying on the bed ( ahhh... I'll never forget those days, dory)

Was I the class ‘taiko’ (don't-care-macho-attitude is what I presume it would mean in English) or the teacher’s pet?

Aiyoh.. I don't know.
I was in the Student Council, so does that make me a teacher's pet? I don't think I was ever anyone's favourite, since there are many other popular kids around. I think I was just a normal student. (though I was head cheerleader, but that's only because I had the loudest voice and the least amount of shame)

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

Hm.. I didnt write porn like rotidua, but I did bring in porn literature to school. and left it there for my juniors to enjoy.. ha ha. (Eh, dory, did you read that book?)

Three subjects I enjoyed

1. Physics! until I got to the nuclear fission/fusion part coz the teacher who thought me this had this ever-present grin on his face and I felt like he was bull-shitting me. I did really bad in Physics that semester.
2. Math , coz I liked the way you could manipulate numbers and stuff.
3. English .. coz it was easy ;)

Three teachers that inspired me

Mrs. Fonander - she taught us music and was in charge of the library. She is so creative and taught me to appreciate pretty things. During Special Tuckshop, she'd always sell these square pieces of cakes decorated in pastel icing with flowers and hearts and stuff. They were so pretty and delicious. I wonder if she's still around.
Puan Siti Hasmah - my homeroom teacher who also taught us Computer Science. Aside from my dad, she was the other person who taught me basic computer programming rules. What she taught me then had stuck with me and has been useful for me throughout the rest of my life.
Puan Zuriati - we used to not stand her at all!! We thought that she was kinda weird, but actually she was really nice. Instead of being couped up in class, she used to teach us Geography under the trees and fed us raisins (it makes us smarter she said) And getting to know her as an adult (me as an an adult), I find her quite intriguing, coz she has so much passion for education.

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