Wednesday, March 01, 2006

AI2006: Final 10 Girls

I somehow found this week's performences from the final 10 girls slightly boring.
P@ris gave me a bit of the goosebumps with her almost operatic rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings and
Kelly was very entertaining with Let's Give Em Something to Talk About (she needs dancing lessons though)
but it was Ayla who actually managed to wow me. I thought she was the only one who sang her song perfectly, with the right tone and nuances.
Kathy, though she sang the song well and has a very very very nice voice, was a bit bleagh.
Mandisa belted out way too much, and was pitchy at times, I thought.
Lisa was a bit bland this week.
Melissa was okay, she was rawkin, but her husky voice makes it difficult to listen to the melody of the song, sometimes. Or maybe coz I'm not such a big fan of Reba McIntyre and didnt recognize the song, i dont know.
I thought Kinnick did her best, but she just does not have that star quality.. sorry.
Heather ... hm.. can you spell k.a.r.a.o.k.e? I agree with the judges that if you want to sing Mariah, you've got to either be as good as Mariah, or put so much of yourself into the song that it becomes better than Mariah. Heather did neither.
Brenna chose what could potentially be a really entertaining song, but she was like all talk and no delivery. There was no spark (nor claw) in her performence, she didnt dance even though she was asking everyone to do so, and her voice didnt have enough soul in to inject into the song. (And she looked horrible in that dress. Now I know never to wear that kinda dress)

I think Heather and Brenna will go home this week.

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