Monday, March 13, 2006

F1 B@hrain

What a race!!
Looks like it's anybody's race this year.
I am really really really glad that Schumy managed to go to the podium yesterday. He looked so happy. I was of course rooting for him to overtake Alonso, but what the hey.. considering last year's performence, 2nd place in the season opener is good enough for me (and apparently for him).
And what about Kimi?? Damn.. Can you imagine where he'd be if he had not started in the last place on the grid? The iceman is smokin'! The car is totally wicked looking too!
And just like the commentators, I was extremely impressed by Rosberg. He is one aggressive driver, and seem to know what he's doing. An eyecatching debut, indeed. Can't wait to see how he performs in the rest of the season.

I watched the race on TV, but Taufik got to go to Sh@kir,B@hrain and watch the race live.
He said when he heard there was an airshow, he thought it'd be F16s or something ... damn was he suprised to see Boeing 777s instead! I thought he was joking when he called me, but just as we were talking, they showed it on TV and we both went "gilllerrrrr lah!" (That's crazy!).

There weren't that many people at the circuit. I think it's mainly coz Sunday is a working day in Bahr@in and S@udi (Taufik went with his boss coz they had to 'bring clients' *grin*). Taufik said there were many empty seats and the surrounding hills were empty, unlike in Sepang where every available inch would be covered by people.
I'd rather not go to watch the race live, because I prefer to watch it on the telly, in the comforts of my own home, on my couch. I could get up and get me a plate of maggi goreng or something anytime I want..
Furthermore, the view you get on TV is much better than on the track.
But I would like to watch it live, at least once in my life. Just so that I could say "been there, done that" :)
But if I get to choose any circuit, I'd prolly choose Imola, or the one in Germany.

Next week: Sepang , Malaysia!!
Any of you guys going?

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