Wednesday, March 08, 2006

AI 2006 Final 8 girls

P@ris – I thought her singing was okay, but she didn't exude as much energy as she did when she sang the first week. Though conga is a really difficult song to sing, I didn’t think it displayed her vocal prowess as much as she could.

Lisa – I thought her vocal performance was excellent as usual, but then she seems to be singing a lot of ballads, which makes it a bit boring.

Melissa – I thought Melissa rawked today, but I tend to agree with Simon that she did kinda shouted her way throughout the song.

Kinnick – aw man.. this girl can never get it right, can she?

Kat – was so much fun to watch! She’s definitely not going home, but is she good enuf to be THE idol?

Ayla – I liked that she sang something more upbeat this week, despite what Randy said about it being not a “ vocal singer’s song”. I thought she displayed great control when she transitioned between the belting out and the softer parts of the song. Loved the ending.

Mandissa – Totally owned the stage. What awesome vocals, even though I thought she was screaming at some parts (She looked like she was gonna swallow the mike!).

Kelly – I hope she’ll sing something not so country next time.. I loved her expression when Simon said he liked her better than “last year’s winner”. She looked so shocked, like Simon said something blasphemous or something.. heh heh.. but then she went on and said “I’m a mink” , which was hilarious.

So which two do I think are going to go home this week?
I am guessing Kinnick and Melissa, but then again I think P@ris is also cutting it quite close.

What’s with these singers and the squat anyways? Why do they like to do that? Don’t they know it looks horrible? macam nak terberak aje…

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