Friday, March 24, 2006

bla bla bla

aiyoooohhh I am so tired from yesterday's family day..

I did two readaloud sessions. Once in the morning, after kids had played in the pool. I read The Very Busy Spider, and we made Spiders using ballons an straws and string.
Then another time in the afternoon while the older kids played congkak. I only read to the little girls a book borrowed from one of the mommies (who prolly reads this blog), "Gifts from Allah", which was about the wonder of our eyes, ears and mouth. We then sang Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes and also Itsy Bitsy spider.

Then we went home coz Anis was getting tired and cranky (and I was getting a bit pooped too) and Anis took a nap, I read TWoP and blogged about AI and then we showered and changed and went back to Khaloud for the dinner.
There was a prize giving ceremony (Ihsan won 3rd Place for his coloring!) and everyone got a souviner for participating.. and the kids was getting really restless and cranky coz they were really hungry.. we finally ate at .. hm.. 9? Food was good though. Then took pictures some more, then we headed for home.

If I havent mentioned it, next two weeks is the spring break for my boys.. so we stopped by ToysRUS on the way back and bought Ilham a pair of in-line skates, and Ihsan jigsaw puzzle.
I hope that these can keep them occupied enough to last the two weeks. I doubt it.
Aside from that I also plan to make cookies for spring fair and I'm prolly gonna rope them in to help me out with it.

We've brought out the PS2 from its 'secret hiding place' and it's now hooked up to the TV.. they're playing Transformers on it as I'm typing this.
I made it clear to them that I get first dibs on the TV though. They are not to hog it to play games.
I hope I survive in one piece and with my sanity intact.

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