Thursday, March 02, 2006

AI2006 Last 10 Guys

darn it.
I missed the first half of the show!!! Can you believe it??
I had this sudden craving for cashew chicken, so I made Taufik take us out for lunch to a Thai restaurant. When I got home at 1:30pm, I took out the laundry from the dryer and was thinking about what to watch while I fold the laundry when I suddenly remembered!
I turned the TV on, and Ryan was already interviewing Chicken Little (also known as Kevin)..
so I missed Taylor and Elliot..
Here's what I think of those that I managed to catch:

Jose - did a really good impression of Stevie Wonder. But that's about it. I didnt see his soul in his performence .. it was good, but it wasn't great.
Will - "Lady"???? oh man.... It was boring. No personality.
Bucky - looked better with his hair tied back and he was kinda cute when he complained about food. He actually reminds me of Firhad fo god knows what reason. (the lanky height and the sengih2?). I thought he was pitchy at moments, but at least the song had a melody and the way he kinda 'yodels' the song made it very endearing. HOWEVER, Bucky is no Bo. He lacks the charisma.
David - i have to admit. I melted. The moment he sang the first line from The Way You Look Tonight ... *sighs* I just melted. . If there's a song I want my husband to learn and then sing to me, it'd be *that* song.
Performence-wise though, I thought he was off the beat at some moments, and I thought the song arrangement was too jazzy.. the upbeat rythm made me wanna see him dance, but he was kinda trying to keep that romantic persona, so it ended up being a little awkward. That put me off a bit. I'm sure a lot of girls will vote for him though.
Chris - Oh. My. God. Is this guy good or what?? It's irrelevant that I love that song even though I never knew it's title (or who sang it). The fact that he managed to pull it off, weaving in and out the rawkin guttural zone into the soft and tender zones effortlessly... just blows me away. Damn. Chris is definitely more than Bo. I hope AI voters feel the same way and keeps him as long as they did Bo.

Okay looking at the snippets that they replayed when they're diplaying numbers to call for voting:
Taylor - ... errr.. I can't tell from such a short clip whether he was good or not, but I could tell that he was spasmic as usual.. and soulful as usual. He really gets into the songs he sings, doesnt he?
Elliot - sounded really really good. Is that a Johnny Matthis song or is it Billie Holliday? I know it's one of those songs that is really difficult to sing coz it goes up and down erratically.
Ace - so so nasal. You've got to have a smooth voice to be able to sing that stalker song.
Gedeon - I don't even remember.
Kevin - didnt sound so good.

So based on what I managed to catch and the short clips, potential bye-byes to:
Will, Kevin or Jose. Maybe even Gedeon.

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