Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Seven Deadly Sins

Got tagged by marina for this :

Greed:Very Low
Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low
Pride:Very Low

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Wow.... Looks like I’m a pretty good girl.. ;)
Now let’s get down to details..

1. Greed : What Luxury item did you last buy?
SR400 worth of maternity clothes and nursing bras from Mothercare. Among them was this pair of pink flannel pajamas .. really really comfy during the cold winter nights. Of course now that summer is here, I have substituted the top with one of my singlets.

2. Gluttony : What is your favorite food?
Damn.. didn’t I answer this question already? Pasta, Chocolates, anything Trengganu or East Coast in general. I am craving for some temosa.

3. Wrath : What makes you angry?
Oh my siblings would prolly agreee with me on this :
a. Inconsiderate people – shoppers that leave their trolleys behind haphazardly, people who don’t flush, people who squat with their shoes on on the seat of a seating toilet (wehhh just lift the seat up lah weh), people who talk in movie theatres, people who miss or are late for appointments. Basically people who only think of themselves and have no consideration for the comfort of others.
b. Irresponsible people – especially when they borrow my stuff and don’t take full responsibility for it. (Like, if you borrow my car and get a parking ticket, it’d be nice if you could pay the ticket so that my house don’t get flooded with reminders to pay the ticket and I don’t eventually get in trouble for it)
c. People who don’t do things my way when I specifically told them how to do it. – but I am open to discussion.. :)
And my siblings would prolly have a few more to add..

4. Sloth : When are you at your laziest?
Really early in the mornings (after the kids have left for school .. I just wanna veg out), late in the afternoons (especially if Americ@n Id0l is on), and weekends (I wish I could say “the kitchen is closed!”).

5. Envy : What brings the green-eyed monster in you?
Hm.. I don’t usually envy people who have more material things than I.
I guess I envy people who have more creative skills than I. People who can write, who can paint, who can sculpt, who can decorate houses. But I wont get malicious of course.. I would just go into the self-pity mode.. “Oh poor me, I am so untalented”. I don’t envy people who can cook better than me, though.. I usually praise and encourage them so that they cook summore and I get to eat whatever they cooked.. tee hee!

6. Lust : What / who do you lust after?
My husband.
Not necessarily in that order.
I know I fawn over Eddie Vedder and Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt (well, I used to, his infidelity somehow turned me off).. but when push comes to shove, I’d never lust after them.
Taufik is still the only person who can turn me on. Everytime. (And he can turn me on with food, too, so, ... BONUS!)

7. Pride : What are you most proud of?
My husband. I think he’s such a great guy. He has his faults, but his good points outshine them (He is loyal, he is creative, he values relationships, he is hardworking, he is devoted to his family and he’s a homebody and nature-lover like me). I am proud that I managed to land him.
My kids and the individuals that they have grown to be (and are still growing to be).
My dishes, when they turn out not only edible, but delicious ;)
My writings that have been published or turned into (a) documentary.
My job before I quit to become a domestic goddess.. I felt like I really made a contribution to the company I worked for, and I hope I will still be remembered as such.

I am not gonna tag anyone.. If you think you'd like to do this, go ahead.. knock yerself out :)

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