Thursday, March 23, 2006

AI Final 11 (eleven)

This week's theme was Songs from the 50's and the kids got coaching and arrangement advice from Barry Manil0w. I've gotta admit, I think Mr.M did a good job, because a lot of them imrpoved in terms of performence (except for IMHO, Taylor).
Here goes:

Mandisa (I don't hurt anymore) - I thought she looked HOT, She sounded HOT, and she moved HOT. But I didnt really like it when she screams.

Bucky (Oh Boy) - Somehow I didnt feel like he gave his all.. But I liked the way he twirled the mike in the end.

Paris (Fever) - Oh. man. She was so awesomely stylish, it was like watching Ella (Fitzgerald, not Ella melayu tuh). Good job.

Chris (I walk the line) - I have never heard of this song before, so I can't comment on whetehr he sang in tune or not, but I thought his voice kinda wavered in the first few verses.. maybe that's why he prefers to growl his tunes? But he made the song really catchy, and fit his personality, so kudos to him.

Kat (Come rain on come shine) - can this girl get any prettier? She was glowing and her performence was so professional.. simon was right when he said Kat was a star.

Taylor (Not Fade Away) - I thought it was a bit boring, tho he looked like he was having a lot of fun. I was a bit annoyed that he chose to make an entrance by singing Mandy to Barry Manil0w .. what a show-off!

Lisa (Why do fools fall in love) - I don't know what is the matter with this girl.. She sings well, but somehow her vocals came off as forced.. and even though her facial expressions show confidence, somehow I detect an uneasiness in her voice and body language... I dunno.

Kevin (When I fall in love) - hm.. he hit every note, and I love this song VERY much, but.. boring..

Elliot (Teach me tonight) - Alright.. finally we see some kind of emotion and soul injected in his performence.. but What in the world posessed him to put on that tie???

Kelly (Walking after Midnight) - what a suprise that she would pick Patsy Cline *rolls eyes*. I was a bit distracted with her going up and down the stairs, I was expecting her to trip and fall at some point (but unfortunately she didnt) and I hate it when she does the squats. Okay performence.

Ace (In the still of the night) - .. correction, a 'jazzy' version of In the Still of the night. Arrghhh nasal nasal nasal .. and quit looking into the camera like that!! It just gives me the creeps!!

Who I want out: Guess...? The Face of course.
Who I think they will vote out: Bucky.

I did not watch the result show, because I had a family day in Khaloud. I missed the 1pm show coz the folks there didnt have StarW0rld. And I wont be catching the repeat coz we have a dinner at the same venue at screening time. So this comment is based on reading the forum on TwoP (televisi0nWith0utPity).

I read that Lisa, Bucky and Kevin was in the bottom three. What?? No Ace???
And I read that Kevin was the one who got the boot. Awwwwww... poor chicken little.
ah well.. I wasnt rooting for Kevin anyway.
I didnt think Kevin would get voted out because of the news that the anti-Id0l-movement was going to vote for him to stay, but I guess they failed.. heh heh.. I wonder who they will be backing next.

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