Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ilham's New Toy

This is somewhat related to PB's post on not having everything in the world..

On Thursday we had a Family Day in Khaloud Village, and the kids participated in a colouring contest. At some point during the day, the kids had nothing to do, so they went to play at the park. When it was time to go, I discovered that Ilham was carrying 3 pieces of grey plastic. I asked him what it was, and he said it was a ship.
Sure enough, they were broken up pieces of a model air craft carrier.
He held on to the pieces like they were precious treasures. I kept telling him to throw it away, coz they were junk, and he kept insisting that they were not. He found some masking tape and taped the pieces together and he was so happy that finally it had some semblance of an aircraft carrier.
When we got home, he took a shower with it, but the masking tape got wet and the thing fell apart.
He beggggged me to glue the pieces together (since I don't allow him to play with super glue). So while watching Harry P0tter and The Prisoner of Azk@ban, I obliged and painstackingly super glued the warped and cracked pieces together.

The thing is now Ilham's prized possession.

Sorry for the blurry picture.. I need photo taking lessons!!

Mokciknab is prolly rolling her eyes now... she's prolly thinking "belikan je lah budak tu a model aircraft carrier.." (just go and buy the boy a model aircraft carrier)..
I know, I know..! we're so kedekut..! (Kedekut=Cheap) .. and our kids are like underprivileged kids..they don't have any toys.

But actually , underneath that guilty feeling at the pit of my stomach, there's a kind of pride, that Ilham could see the potential of something wonderful in something that other people would consider junk and would have discarded and wasted.

I have a recycler in the making! :D
It's either that, or a pack-rat, or worse.. a hobo!

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