Tuesday, October 31, 2006

halo win

nothing much to story story today
I was the bus monitor.
Everybody from the american school was late this morning coz they either had to put their costumes on or had to pack them up into plastic bags.
There was an anime pussycat princess in my bus. If I didnt know her mother I would've been a little bit turned on. She was kinda cute. (I forgot that i have relatives reading this blog)
On the way back from school this afternoon, Anis was ooh-ing and aah-ing at the different costumes that she saw.
"Bonda, look! There's a princess!!" (there were several princesses today).
"Bonda, I see a witch!"
They want to go trick-a-treating tomorrow night but we have an invitation for dinner. Maybe I'll bring the candy to that house and do some face painting for the kids instead.

Tomorrow is "International Day" for the British School. The kids are gonna wear their eid clothes: Boys - javanese batik shirt, Girl - baju kurung. They're gonna have a parade around the school, then ethy're gonna have a mini concert where they'll sing songs from different countries. I'm going to go watch and I have not decided what to wear. Prolly something nice, so that maybe if we have a chance to take a family picture, it'll pass off as a decent 'gambar raya'.
Ihsan and Anis has to bring some malaysian food to share with their friends. I'm gonna make cucur keria (sweet potato wheels). I submitted the recipe for The International Cookbook that the Parents Volunteer Group published last year and since they're also selling the recipe book tomorrow, I thought it'd be appropriate to demonstrate what it really look/taste like.
So I've boiled the sweet potatoes. I just need to mash 'em, then mix 'em with flour and eggs and then shape them into wheels before frying them and rolling them in sugar.
I also have to do a little write up to introduce the dish to the kids..
dang. I better get to it then.

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