Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Anis, Ihsan and I were at the dinner table while Taufik and Ilham were out taking Izani for a walk. Ihsan and I were discussing the advantages and disadvantages of time travelling when Anis did this :

and said "Bonda, I am crushing your head". She pressed her fingers together and said "squish".
I just laughed my head off!!
I asked her where she learnt to do that and she said she learnt it from school. We spent the rest of the evening squishing each other's heads.

Ihsan asked me "Bonda, Are you really married to Ayah?" when I was clipping my nails.
"Of course!" I answered.
"Did you have a white shirt?" he asked.
"You mean a white dress? As a matter of fact, I did" I indulged.
"How come I didnt see you marry Ayah?" he pressed on.
"You know what, the next time we go back home to Malaysia, I'll show pictures of our wedding day, How about that?"
Both Ilham and Ihsan got very excited about that prospect.
"In fact, I married Ayah TWICE!" I divulged.
"Whattt????" they were suprised.
"So you kissed him twice??" Ihsan made a disgusted face.
" I kissed him more than twice.." I winked cheekily.
"eeeyeeewwwwww!!!!" they went.

Ihsan had a class trip to a fire station last week. They learned about fire safety and he came home with a plastic fireman's hat.
Izani just loves the hat..

My heart goes out to the parents in Nickel Mines.
You can't help but wonder what in the world is going on. I mean, 3 school shootings in the past week. "Crazy" doesn't quite cover it.

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