Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Easy Peasy Fish Samosa

just preparing this, inhaling the fragrances of pounded fish, shallots and pepper, made me feel like I was in my blue pinafore and sitting by the dry longkang in front of the Assunta Kuantan library eating temosa (fish puffs).
If they say "Necessity is the mother of all invention", I say "Desperation is the mother of all culinary inventions", especially if the desperation is in the mother who is hungry and constantly craving even though she's no longer pregnant. When you gotta eat, you gotta cook.

Easy Peasy Fish Samosa

One medium sized mackarel (boiled in salted water till flesh is cooked, pick out the flesh, discard bones)
5-6 shallots
10-15 black peppercorns
1/2 cup freshly grated coconuts (if using dessicated coconut, cook with a little bit of coconut milk before using)
salt and sugar to taste
samosa leaves (store bought, baby)

Ground shallots with the peppercorn. Pound the fish flesh together with the ground ingredients till fine. Transfer to a bowl, add in the grated coconuts and salt and sugar to taste (You have to strike a balance between sweetness and saltiness).
Put about a teaspoon at one edge of a samosa leaf, then fold into triangles.
Deep fry till golden and crispy. Eat it on it's own or with ketchup or hot sauce.

forgive the lighting.. it's that time of day when the sun still shines in but the kitchen is still a little dark even with the lights on

I just realized I don't have the picture of the finished product... heh heh.. hungry stomachs lead to forgetful brains.. sorry!

Other uses for this filling:
Use more fish, less coconuts, add thinly sliced chillies and wrap it in a banana leaf in the shape of a cone then grill it, and you get... tadaaa.... sata!!!
Put the filling in glutinous rice, wrap it into a cylinrical shape in banana leaf and then grill it and you get... tadaaa.... pulut lepa !!
Put the filling in glutinous flour, shape into balls, roll in sesame seeds and deep fry them till golden brown and you get .. tada .. kuih boom !!
Fry the coconuts till brown, pound till fine (but not till it's oily and becomes kerisik), mix it with the rest of the ingredients and you get .. tadda.. sambal nasi kerabu!! (now if I can only figure out how to make the tumis...)

Try it and tell me how it turned out in your kitchen.

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