Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Anis learnt a new word yesterday, and it's "pardon".
She jumped about the house repeating that word, then stopped to ask me, "What is pardon?"
"Pardon is like saying sorry or excuse me" I explained.
"Oh okay" she replied and continued jumping about the house saying "pardon", "pardon" and more "pardon". I wasnt sure she got the meaning of the word.
Then she varied it a bit by saying "oops, pardon" instead.

Then while she was playing with Izani , Ilham accidently bumped into her when he was trying to kiss Izani.
"Abang Ilham..! Say Pardon!" she reprimanded her older brother.
"errr pardon" said Ilham.
Okay, so maybe she does know how to use the word.

Did I tell you that we give the boys 1riyal for every full day they successfully fasted?
They have been eyeing a couple of matchbox airplanes at the supermarket for a long time. They found out how much the planes cost, then they calculated how much two would cost. They've been consolidating their money (coz Ilham has more money than Ihsan coz he has fasted more full days than Ihsan, while Ihsan has only managed to fast for half-days), counting and re-counting them everyday, and telling me how much more they need before they could afford the planes.
Last week they finally reached their goal. The whole of last week they bugged their dad to bring them to the supermarket. Last weekend they went to the supermarket and spent ALL of their money on buying the two planes.
I am amazed at their resourcefulness and unselfishness. Ilham especially, for giving away his money to Ihsan so that Ihsan can get his own plane. And Ihsan, for managing to convince his brother to share the money.
Ihsan brought his plane to school for show and tell. :) I am curious to hear what he's telling his class about the plane.

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