Thursday, October 05, 2006

Easy Peasy Puff Pastries

I have recently discovered puff pastries.
I have always admired people who brought puff pastries to iftars or gathering.. it looks so professional.. as if they spent hours in the kitchen preparing the intricate looking dish. Until one makcik unashamedly confessed "Alaaaahhh senang je.. beli kat kedai" (It's so easy, just buy at the shop).
So i tried it once but had some problems during thawing.. i thawed it too long that the pastry became so soft it stuck to each other.
So the trick to handling frozen store bought puff pastry is to follow the instructions on the packet closely. I seperate mine while it's still frozen and soften them up using water as i use them.
The fillings can be anything really, but cream cheese tend to leak out and leave and empty puff shell with burnt cheese on the outside. I had used leftover sardines, minced meat and sausages with great success. One of these days I'm gonna experiment with fruits.
Folding the pastry is really up to your imagination. The easiest is the 'roll', where you just roll it around a piece of sausage. But here's an easy and nice looking way to fold:

Spoon in the filling, fold pastry in half. Rub some water on the edges and press them together to create a seal. Crimp edges using a fork.

Poke holes with fork to let the steam out while it bakes. Arrange on a baking sheet, brush with eggs and bake per package instructions.

voila! easy peasy lemon squeazy....

Happy Trying!

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