Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hello, We're the Gerbilbutts!

Ilham just borrowed Captain Underpants and The Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants (by Dav Pilkey) from the library. Eventhough it contains gross mispellings (intentionally), I found the book(s) (apparently there's a series!) to be pretty hilarious.
This particular one had a chart where Professor Poopypants (who is taking over the world) forces you to change your name.
We found out that we are the Gerbilbutts.
Since the Name Change-O-Chart 2000 (that's the name of the chart used to change your name) uses the initials of your original name to determine your new name and 3 of my kids have the same initials, we ended up with 3 kids with the same name.

We are:
Pinky Gerbilbutt (Taufik)
Crusty Gerbilbutt (Elisa)
Chim-chim Gerbilbutt I (Ilham)
Chim-chim Gerbilbutt II (Ihsan)
Stinky Gerbilbutt (Anis) who then changed her name to Snotty Gerbilbutt coz she doesn't want to be called 'Stinky'.
Chim-chim Gerbilbutt III (Izani)

Adam, Aiysha and Aliya, you kids are all Stinky Pizzachunks.
Najwa and Naim, you kids are all Zippy Barfnoses.
Arif is Stinky Barfbrain.
Aliff is Stinky Rhinotushie.

boy, there are a lot of stinky kids in this family...!

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