Saturday, October 21, 2006


I went to Farah's place in Bahrain for iftar yesterday.
I had told her I would bring samosa for her mom and a chocolate pavlova for dessert. I had asked her if she had a mixer which I can use to whip the cream with, and she forgot to answer and I assumed she has one.
We arrived, after salam peluk-peluk, I took out the boxes of whipping cream and she looked at it and said "I don't have a mixer".
"Tipu!! (You're lying)" I said, sure that she was just pulling my leg.
She gave me a grin.
"You're lying, right? rightt????" I started to panic.

She handed me a metal bowl and this flimsy whisk made of a metal handle and 3 strips of wobbly plastic.
"Good Luck!!" she laughed.
I sat in the corner of her kitchen, whipping cream by hand with that wobbly whisk, grumbling to her.
"Farah, you know I'm gonna write this in my blog. I'm gonna tell everyone how you tortured me and made me whisk whip cream by hand!"
Her mom and her just laughed at me.
I thought it was going to take me forever. We prolly won't be able to eat the pavlova till isya'. I swore that if I managed to whip up the cream, I'd declare myself to be THE culinary goddess on my blog.

jangan marah...
Perfectly whipped cream, by hand, all stiff and fluffy in it's creamy goodness, in about.. hm.. I wasn't timing myself. It felt like forever and like my wrist was gonna get disjointed but I think it was maybe about 20 minutes coz I managed to put the cream, bananas and chopped chocolates on the pavlova just in time for iftar.

Iftar was really gooooodd. Meehoon goreng, Dalca, Pajeri nenas and Ayam masak merah, all cooked by someone else. Always good.
Farah's house had these low sofas that the arabs prefer lined up against the wall of her spacious living room (macam you buat lah lollies). Her kid and my kids had a swell time messing the floor up with train tracks and playdoh.

We went home just after isya', got caught up at the immigration checkpoint with Saudis clambering to go back home.
Arrived home, tired, but satisfied . :)

and this morning I forgot to wake up for sahur. I had set my alarm clock but in a daze I had switched it off and went back to dreaming of heating up dalca and pajeri. I was woken up by Izani at 6am.. dang.

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