Sunday, October 29, 2006

Easy Peasy Rice Krispy treats (Kuih raya senang giller)

Okay, let's take the attention off how fat or not fat I am and let's focus on making *you* fat.

This must be the easiest peasiest recipe i've ever found.
My readers from the west must be suprised to find out that most Malaysians have never made or tasted rice krispy treats before. We have a malaysian version of it called 'bepang' (bear-punk), but it is held together with caramel. The reason why we have never had rice krispy treats before is because it requires the use of marshmallows, which is made using gelatine, which may or may not be of porcine origins.
Nowadays there are more and more halal marshmallows in the market, and I'm sure after their mommies reads this post, more malaysian kids will be able to enjoy rice krispy treats!

Easy peasy Rice Krispy Treats

3 tablespoons butter
300 grams marshmallows (preferrably white, but I guess you can use any color)
6 cups rice krispies

In a big wok/pot, melt butter over slow fire. Add the marshmallows and stir till all is melted and consistent. Pour in the rice krispies, fold until all is mixed well. Pour into a baking pan lined with waxed paper (or greased with butter). Spread it out evenly using a buttered spatula or a piece of wax paper. Let cool to set (it wont be sticky anymore), cut into squares.

Yummy crunchy squares

I used chocolate rice krispy cereals (Poppins Choco Bits) coz they were cheaper than Kell0g's white rice krispies and ermm they're chocolate!. The brand of marshmallows I used were "Mmmmmalows" and it has a halal certification.
This made about 2 dozen 1.5-inch squares (with bits and pieces of the ends leftover for me to munch on.. *wink*). These treats won't keep for more than a day I think, but I guess you dont have to worry much about how to keep leftovers.
I brought it to the Raya open house on the first day of Eid. At first it was sorta ignored, but then one kid came and picked one up, then walked back to where all the children were gathering and a few minutes later a drove of them came and finished off the whole thing!
I put mine in paper cups (to make a show as if I had worked extra hard to make them. tee hee). I guess you could also pretty them up more by putting sprinkles while it's still gooey and sticky.

Happy trying!


  1. I'm thinking of making rice krispies for my sister's wedding as gift and yes.the issue here is you know any store or any brand that sell 'halal' marshmallow ??? thank you ! ^.^

  2. Hi Amirah,

    Bake With Yen (owned by a chinese muslim) (well, at least the one in Taman Megah) sells huge bags of halal marshmallow. I used some to make rice krispy treats for last year's raya.
    While you're there, you can also get those sparkly sprinkles to make your treats wedding-worthy ;)

    Good Luck with your endeavour!