Friday, October 27, 2006

5 days

Day 1
Started the morning with ketupat and rendang and taufik fried up some sausages. Was happy that I could still fit into my old kebaya.
Got Liza's family to come over and she brought some nasi impit and rendang daging. I fried up the meehoon that I was going to bring to an open house and served them that too.
Went to the open house, ate nasi dagang, laksam, mee rebus, nasi minyak and numerous assortment of cookies.
2 hours into the gathering I felt a button pop.
So much for fitting into my old kebaya. ThankGod for long headscarves.

Day 2
Went to Farah's in B@hrain.
Encountered throngs of Pakistani/Indian foreign workers hanging out at the island in the middle where the immigration and customs were. They were everywhere taking pictures. Some even climbed the fountains. It was like a bollywood movie meets an animal planet show on ants.
Ate nasi impit with kuah kacang and kari ayam and rendang. Ate lepat pulut with kuah sekaya, TWICE. Coz it was SO good.
Wore a long dress, so no buttons popping, but heh.. the extra room might not be such a good thing for my girth... :P

Day 3
Went to Linda's at Khaloud.
Ate mee kari, nasi minyak trengganu , chocolate cake, and numerous numerous cookies and tit-bits.
Later stopped over at Kak Zaharah's, and ate a bit of roti jala.
Wore an old dress that fortunately, still felt okay even after stuffing myself.

Day 4
Went to Kak Ana's in Ar@mco. Wore another kebaya that I was happy to find out, 2 days before the end of Ramadhan, I could still fit into. It felt a bit tight before we left the house, but I was confident that it would last me through the day.
Ate mee udang, nari bokhari, nasi minyak and oh gawd I can't remember anymore.
All I can remember is that before the afternoon was over, my front button popped numerous numerous times. At first I thought it could be because I was on 'full tank', but even after breastfeeding Izani , the buttons popped everytime I reached out for something (food lah what else).
Good thing my headscarf was extra wide, extra thick and extra long. It covered me as I went on to have tiramisu at Kak Faridah's, meehoon sup at Kak Nasibah's and lastly really spicy fried kuey teow at Kak Shakira's.
I never learn.
Raya setahun sekali babe.

Day 5
Kak Faridah said she wants to come over.
I called up Sharliza who just came back from Cyprus, Liza who's husband is away on duty and Kak Ana, and asked them to come over too.
I made mee kari, heat up my ketupat and rendang and made tepung boko.
Other people brought lots of other food.
Most of it are still in my fridge.
I am glad I do not have a weighing scale in my home.

Tomorrow: pay back time?

Hey hey go wish photostyle Happy birthday!

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