Sunday, October 08, 2006

suzuka oh suzuka

Championship at equal points with schumy leading only by one win.
Schumy started at 2nd and Alonso at 6th on the grid.
Alonso managed to get to 4th place after the first lap and Massa gave way to his team mate and let Schumy take the lead.
All was well as Alonso edged his way to 2nd place.
Schumy still led, with at least a 5second gap between the two champions.
I fell asleep, rest assured that Schumy would hold his place.
I woke up to find Schumy out due to engine failure.
aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!! what hapeeennngggg?????
sebak tengok Schumy hug his team mates at the pit.
But there's still hope.
Maybe Alonso's car will blow up in Brazil and Schumy gets the top podium.
Kasi lah chance.. it's his last race, man...
It would be nice, no?

Other notes:
The Japanese director of this F1 live feed obviously favors his countrymen. Asyik2 tunjuk Toyota and Honda. bukannya menang pun.. Sato dapat 15th place pun nampak happy giller.
Japanese F1 crowds are very well behaved. They sat down quitely and gave polite applauses.
I'm reconsidering my dream of attending an F1 race. I can't really take a nap during the boring parts when I'm there.

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