Monday, October 16, 2006

what's in your head... in your head...

in my head, actually:

yesterday I had leftovers from the night before: half of a fried mackerel. I also bought some samosa leaves for a culinary request from bahrain. I had a craving for temosa (like karipap, but fish filling). I knew I had shallots. I knew I had grated coconuts.
So in went the fried mackerel bits sans bones, one shallot, a thin slice of ginger, and 2 peppercorns into the mortar and pestle. Several pounds later I noticed a familiar yummy smell. I must be doing something right. Mixed the pounded stuff with freshly grated coconuts, salt and sugar. put a dollop in each samosa leaf, folded them into triangles and deep fried them.
turned out great, except for a slight bitterness from the crushed ginger, which I will exclude the next time i make this.
no pictures, coz who has time to take pictures during iftar?

I forgot to mention that we've got our passports back, including Izani's.
woot woot.
So this weekend we're going to Bahrain to activate our multiple entry visa's and to enjoy some free home-cooked iftar, specially cooked by farah's mom imported from Malaysia.
I'll be bringing banana chocolate pavlova and by request, like I said, some samosa.

We were on our way to the kids' school last Thursday for a parent-teacher conference when we passed a construction site. The huge billboard said "Jarir Center" and at the bottom was a list of outlets that they intend to hold. Hyper-panda, Jarir bookstore, others which I do not notice and a familiar yellow four letter word in a blue square.
yay for the best four letter word in the world: I. K. E. A. !!!
I know it's stupid, but I love IKEA.
Another year or so (coz that's usually how long it takes for them to construct a new mall) I will finally be able to really call this town 'home' ;)
In related news, they opened a carrefour behind rashid mall last weekend. I doubt they'll have a rasa gourmet ayamas outlet there though. or a nagoya textile store. or a payless bokstore. and i won't find my friends hanging out there during friday lunch hour. ah well.

I answered PB's 20 things that make you feel good thingy and I realized that most of the things that make me feel good requires interaction with another person.
hm.. am i uncomfortable being by myself?

i made no bake cheesecake just now, coz we're gonna have iftar at someone's place. I think I overbeat the mix coz the cream started to curdle a bit.
it's in the fridge, setting. I hope it turns out okay nevertheless.
i'm gonna put pineapple bits on top. I hope the yumminess of the pineapples will hide the non-smooth texture of the cheesecake.
*hits head on kitchen counter*

i'm thinking... rendang tok cikgu munah with pulut kuning on Eid morning. I can make the rendang tok a day in advance, and the pulut kuning shouldnt be too hard, eh? but i've gotta learn how to make pulut kuning.
Anyone can help me?

izani's awake.

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