Friday, November 03, 2006

DBGS International Day 2006

Here are pictures for the International Day at the kids' school:

It started at 9am, the kids paraded around the school compound for one round and then we all went to the newly built 'sand dome' (So called because it used to be a circle filled with sand with a dome shaped tent over it for the kids to play in, but now they converted it into a mini-auditorium).
There each year group performed songs from different countries.
Anis's class sang and dance 'chuwab chuwe', a folk song from africa.
Ihsan's class sang 'greensleeves', an old song from England(?).
Ilham's class performed a rap song they wrote themselves. All I remembered was the first line went "We're Dhahran British Grammar School, and we are very cool". It was funny watching Ilham trying to dance hip-hop style.

As you can see, we didnt get a chance to take a family picture.. :P

I also forgot to take a picture of the cucur keria, but I think I'll make more soon, so once I get pictures, Kimmi, I will post the recipe !

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