Tuesday, November 21, 2006

a little k@rma

My TV doesnt get The Am@zing Race, but I caught the Ch0 brothers on the early show this morning, and I am thoroughly impressed by them. When I was reading famygirl's AR recaps, I got the impression that they were foolish to be so helpful and trusting of their advesaries, but now that I've heard their side of the story, I see where they're coming from. I envy their integrity, especially in such a competetive environment. I guess this quote by one of them says it all "Money can only go so far, but friendships last a lifetime".
It is sad, but nice-ness do not make good TV, eh?

Even if you're not a buddhist and don't believe in reincarnation and karma, I think everyone believes that your action affects others and will eventually affect you one way or another.
The Ch0 brothers have started a website called A Little Karma, where they aim to create revenue to be able to perform acts of kindness. They don't have much stuff there yet, but the 4 photos that they are currently selling are quite nice. They welcome contributions of your time and talent (and of course cash) and also ideas. If you have ideas for acts of kindness, you can tell them and when they have the funds, they'll try to perform it.
I thought it was a really cool idea.

So if you have a hankering for a little good karma, you know where to go.

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