Friday, November 17, 2006

last night in bed

Before saying goodnight, everyone hangs around in our bed.

Anis: Ayah, I don't like your tummy. I like Bonda's tummy.
Ayah: Why? because mine is big?
Bonda: But ayah's tummy is so smooth *rubs ayah's tummy* *giggle*
Anis: Bonda's tummy is wiggly *plays with Bonda's tummy* like jelly!!
Bonda: *rolls eyes*

Ilham: What date is it today?
Ayah: Today is the 16th of November.
Bonda: hey.. tomorrow is Che' Su's birthday!
Ihsan: Who is Che' Su?
Bonda: She is Aliff's mom
Ihsan: Who is Aliff?

Bonda: Today would've been Auntie Suhaila's 36th Birthday.
Ilham: Who is Auntie Suhaila?
Ihsan: Hey.. she's got the same name like Anis!! Anis Suhaila.
Ayah: Auntie Suhaila gave Ilham his first tricycle.
Bonda: Remember we used to visit Auntie Suhaila at the hospital? She was sick.
Ilham: What happened to her?
Bonda: She died.
Ilham: How did she die?
Bonda: She got really sick.. there was something wrong with her stomach.
Ihsan: Did she eat too much?
Bonda: I don't know, sayang...
Bonda: That's how Anis got her name. I named Anis after Auntie Suhaila.

Then everybody got shooed away to their own bed.

Happy Birthday Che' Su!!

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