Wednesday, November 08, 2006

peek a boo

Sorry for being not really here not really there for the past few days.

Izani was sick. He started with a slight cold that developed into a horrible pleghmy cough. After 3 days and not getting better, we brought him to the doctor to get nebulized coz the doctor said his lungs sounded pleghmy too.
The first few days Taufik and I hardly got any sleep coz Izani kept waking up to cough and cry. Now he is better, alhamdulillah.

We're flying home on Dec6th!! yay...!!!

If you're in the Klang Valley around that time, please keep Sunday Dec 10th 11am to 2pm free coz we're having a little eating-gathering session at my house. We're gonna be cutting a bit of izani's hair and my mom's friends are gonna sing some songs (not karaoke!) and then we're gonna eat lamb (and other food, of course).
If my girlfriends don't make it, i'm gonna pout for a year. (You know who you are! p/s please tell Mdm Y and Mdm S and Mdm N and Mdm F, and Kak Ina).

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