Tuesday, November 28, 2006

mindfreak's assistant

We went to dinner at one of the many Thai restaurants here with 2 other families. While waiting for our order to come, some of the boys played with their PSPs and my kids could only sit beside them and watch with their mouths agape. I overheard Ilham say "I wish I had a PSP, that would be so cool" and Ihsan agreeing. I guess they felt kinda inferior coz they're not equipped with all these gadgets.
After dinner was over, we adults still chatted about this and that and the kids were getting bored at their table and had started playing with their food. They took toothpicks and stuck them to pieces of tomatoes and cucumber to create an illusion that these pieces of vegetables were floating on air.
So I decided to leave the adult table and joined the kids to show them a trick I learned from Bill Nye The Science Guy - how to balance 2 forks on the lip of a glass using a toothpick (do you know this trick?).
I did it in silence, without even calling to the kids to watch, but even then they did so with interest. When I had assembled my forks and toothpick and succesfully balanced it at the edge of a glass, they all went "WOAHHHHHH!! How did you do *that*????" "That is so cool!!!"
Ihsan nonchalantly said "yeah.. my mom is cool"
"She's like mindfreak" Ilham added. "No, like mindfreak's assistant".
So for the next half an hour or so I managed to occupy the kids' time by teaching them the trick and having them try it out themselves.
When we were walking back to the car Ilham gave me a hug and told me thankyou for showing the trick. I pointed out to him that I didn't need a PSP to make me cool, and he agreed. :)

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