Sunday, November 05, 2006

Facial Feats

We were at the dinner table and I don't know how it got about to it, but Ihsan started showing everybody how he could flare up his nostrils on cue. Everybody else started trying to do it too. It was so funny how Ilham's and Anis's eyes cross as they tried to see their noses to check whether they got it right.
Ihsan asked me to do it too, but trying to act all proper and lady-like, I refused.
"Can you move your ears?" Ihsan asked me.
"No, but I know someone who can" I answered.
They asked who, and I told them 'Uncle Riza' but they don't remember who he is even though I tried to describe him and told them that it's that guy we always bump into at Restoran Jaya. I promised them that I will ask Uncle Riza to demonstrate his ear trick if we happen to bump into him again. (Boleh ya, Uncle Riza?)
Ihsan then announced that he could move his ears, and started flapping his ears with his fingers. "Like Dumbo!" he laughed, and made a flip-flop noise.
I then said "but I could do this:" and raised my left eyebrow.
They were all impressed "woaaa terrerrrr!!!" and tried to do it too, struggling with one hand trying to hold the other eyebrow down.
It was a riot!
Good thing we don't do this when we have guests over.

Ilham has been interested in chess for a long time, but we never got around to buying him a set. He started pestering us again after he saw that his friend Afiq had come home from his holiday in Cyprus with a nice bronze chest set.
Last weekend we went to Carrefour and bought him a SR8.90 magnetic travelling chess-checker-backgammon set. (Read: We are cheap and we have small children that would just eat or lose the pieces).
For the past few days we have been having a chess game almost every night in our living room, but I keep feeling hungry everytime they play because Ilham keeps calling the pawns "prawns".
And I have discovered that my husband is a very cruel and conniving chess player.
Or maybe I'm just a sore loser...
tee hee.

I was washing dishes in the kitchen the other day, while the kids were at the dining table having their breakfast of sausages, scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast (oh yesssss YUMM!), when Ihsan suddenly asked, "Bonda, Can I call you 'Mom'?", to which I replied NO.
He whined and asked why, cause everybody else calls their mom 'Mom'.
"Exactly", I explained, "If you were in a crowd and you called out 'Mom!', I would think that you were some other kid who calls their mom 'Mom' who were calling for their mom, and I wouldn't answer you".
"but if you called out 'Bonda!'", I continued, "then I would know instantly that it was one of my kids calling out for me".
"oooohhhhh....." he said in understanding.
Things were quiet for a bit, then I heard a very tiny "bonda?"
I answered yes and turned around, and found Anis peering into the kitchen to check if I had responded.
She just gave me a huge grin.
From then on, they were always testing out this theory and would call out for me in the busiest and noisiest of places, like in the supermarket, or across the hall where we had another eid gathering last weekend.

I was lying on my back in bed the other day while izani was tottering beside me (Yes, he can crawl already!) and he ended up propped on his belly, on mine. He leaned forward and seemed to be chewing on my belly button but I didnt feel anything but drool. So I lifted my head to have a better look and discovered that he was chewing on the knot of the the drawstring of my track pants, and it's almost frayed! I felt his gums with my pinky and lo and behold! he has a tooth on his lower front gum!

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