Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kenduri Update

An Update on Izani's Kenduri:

Guess what Guess what, Our madam Lollies will be in Malaysia during that time, and she has accepted my invitation to the kenduri!!
wooo hooooo!!!

Who else are going to be there?
Zan, Famygirl, Bertique (wehh ponteng lah basketball for one day..), PB, aiechomeyll, and nutty have confirmed their presence.

Diah, will u still come if bear is not around? Lollies said that she's willing to come pick u up.

Nazrah, a little bird told me that you might be in town during that time... so will you be able to grace us with your presence?

What about the rest of you?

If you think you can make it, please do drop me an email : elisa underscore taufik at yahoo dot com ,
tell me how many are coming and i'll send you a map.

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