Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of the year 1427 Hijrah, also known as [I]Maal Hijrah[/I] or the Islamic New Year.
It is not as widely or jubilantly celebrated by the masses as the Gregorian or Chinese New Year, but it is observed by most muslims. Actually I am quite suprised that even the S@udi government did not observe this day as a public holiday, when Malaysia does.
Individually, muslims can choose to fast and/or recite special prayers for the new year, basically asking Allah to continue blessing our lives and accepting our good deeds.
'Hijrah' literally means 'move', because on this day 1427 years ago (based on the Islamic calendar which calculates months by the moon) , was when Allah instructed the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to move from Makkah to Madinah. It was a necessary move to escape persecution. So basically, it was a move for the better.
So every Islamic new year, muslims are supposed to reflect on whether they have made moves (physically or spritually) towards the better.

Looking back on the past year, I think I can say I have made several moves. Physically, I had moved to another country. I had moved from being a mother of 3 to soon to be a mother of 4. I had moved from being a technical worker to a housemaker.
Spiritually, I had started concentrating on developing my family's emotional and spiritual well-being (since I don't have to worry about work anymore). I had started taking tajweed classes (lessons on how to recite the Quran in the way Allah had meant it to be recited). I am reading more and learning more from these reads.
I won't go into details, but I guess some of these moves are for the better. Though I must say there are some parts of my life that I wish I could move forward with (my state of [I]iman[/I], for instance), and some that I felt had moved backwards instead of forwards (my health and weight!! I really need to exercise more.. maybe after I give birth. And all this free time to cook does not help!).

I hope that this new year will help me be even a better person and a better muslim, and along the way I hope to be able to help make my husband and kids better persons and better muslims as well. I want to make full use of all the free time that I have blessed with due to to the move I made in the previous year.

Which reminds me of a hadith that I have heard many-many times, but was only reminded of its significance when I heard it again last night. Roughly translated, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said:

"There are 2 of Allah's gifts ([I]nikmahs[/I]) that humans are often fooled with, the time of health and the time of leisure".

Which basically says that we are often deceived that our health and leisure time is granted, that it is not a gift from Allah, that it will never be taken away from us. Therefore we postpone doing things that we could've done when we were healthy and when we have the time, because we think that we will always have 'tomorrow' to do it. We forget that we might get sick, or we might get busy, and that we have missed the opportunity to do something good or even great for ourselves.
or in short, he is saying "Just Do It!"

heh heh.. and I thought the Nike people came up with that idea..

Happy New Year everyone!


Monday, January 30, 2006

The Wedding Date

I just saw The Wedding Date in full. A few weeks ago I saw it half-way, coz I had to leave to go pick up my kids from school. Today, I finally caught it in full, without interruption.

It was kinda weird actually, to watch Dermott Mulroney act all suave and charming when I just saw him chewing and spitting tobacco and screaming "Have you seen the chicken??" in Young Guns a few nights ago.

When in the world did Dermott Mulroney get so appealing?

Perhaps it was that movie.. m.. the one with Bridget Fonda playing a drug addict trained to be an assassin.. originally a french movie "Little Nikita". What was the name of that movie? I can't remember the title, but I remember that it had a lot of Nina Simone in it. (and I am too lazy to go search on imdb).
Or perhaps it all started when he sang The Way You Look Tonight to Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding.
Aaanyways.. he looked very yummy. [URL="http://mokciknab.blogspot.com/2006/01/frowns.html"]I can imagine why someone would miss her husband after watching Mr.Mulroney[/URL] in this movie.
(okay I'm gonna stop mentioning his name now, coz I think I'm spelling it wrong)

Back to the movie, though.
I thought it was dissapointing. The story is all funny and romantic and all, but I somehow failed to see why Nick and Kat could fall for each other. I mean it was obvious that Nick liked Kat after some point in the story, but Why???? What was it that made Kat so special? (It was obvious why Nick was special though.. ehem).
Somehow the movie lost me there.
Perhaps because prior to watching The Wedding Date, I was watching The Notebook, which was such a poignant story that it made me cry (but then again, it might just be pregnancy hormones, but the point is, it was good enuf to make me cry). (You can look for it on imdb, it has James Garner and James Marsden in it).

But you have got to admit, the "I think I would have missed you even if I had never met you" line in The Wedding Date was beautiful. :)
Corny, but beautiful.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ihsan's 100 Poster

For 100th day of school (which is on Wednesday , 8th February), Ihsan had to make a poster out of 100 things.
He had chosen an 'airplane' theme, so we were gonna make a poster of an airplane flying in the clouds with some trees/plants underneath. We were gonna use dried flowers and leaves (which we have plenty of in our front yard) as the plants/earth, cotton balls as clouds, a yellow post it cut in a circle as the sun with toothpicks as the rays, and we were gonna cut out some paper to make the plane. All these things were going to be pasted on a blue poster board (so that we don't have to paint the sky).

Key word: were.

So Thursday we went and bought all the materials required and Taufik drew the plane's body and wings on silver paper and we cut it out and we laid out everything on the blue poster board to see how it looked.. silver plane, cotton ball clouds and dried flowers+leaves trees and all. Ihsan got all excited about gluing everything on, but we told him we better do it on Friday so that there are less chances for someone (read: his little sister Anis) to mess around with it and pull something off.
So Friday came, and by Saturday morning Ihsan brought this to school:


I did say the keyword was 'were'.
Somehow during breakfast of toasts, sausages, eggs, sardines and baked beans on Friday morning, Taufik went "oh you know what, we can make a fish instead". So he traced an Arowana from the web, transferred it to a silver paper, made the scales out of yellow post its, cut out gold and pink fins and pasted it on the fish, and pasted the fish on the blue poster board.
Ihsan kept annoying me with "What happened to my plane?" and I gleefully asked him to annoy Taufik instead.
I wanted to wash my hands off the project since our original plane idea was scrapped, but it would've made me a bad sport...
So after watching Taufik paste bits of yellow plastic bag that Ihsan had cut up into seaweed and then tiny flowers made of post-its, I decided to rejoin the poster team. I made rocks out of an old cardboard box (which the boys helped paste), then tiny pink fishes out of pink post-its (can you tell that we have lotsa post-its lying around the house?). After dinner I finished the poster with a blue plastic bag cut into wavy strips to simulate water.
Ihsan and Ilham put on the final finishing touches by drawing faces on the tiny fish, and put dots on the rocks. Ilham also added a drawing of a crab, and Ihsan drew a clam (he called it a clam, but he also drew a pearl inside the clam, which then , technically makes it an oyster).(But to hell with technical discrepancies, Arowanas don't live under the sea anyways).
Ihsan named his poster "Under The Sea", and we carefully rolled it up for him to bring to school.

So here are the 100 damages:
1 silver cut out fish body
1 'googly eye'
53 post-it scales
4 gold fins
2 pink fins
6 plastic seaweeds
7 post-it flowers
10 cardboard box rocks
6 small pink post-it fishes
10 plastic wavy water thingies.

count 'em if you like.. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

100 days of School

The 100th day of school is coming soon (I don't remember the exact date. I think it's in February).
I don't know what the big deal is, but the school is definitely making it a big deal. I think it's just their ploy to keep the mothers occupied because they think we have nothing better to do at home...

Ihsan has to make a poster out of 100 things.
He has chosen an 'airplane' theme, so we're gonna make a poster of an airplane flying in the clouds with some trees/plants underneath. We're gonna use dried flowers and leaves (which we have plenty of in our front yard) as the plants/earth, cotton balls as clouds, a yellow post it cut in a circle as the sun with toothpicks as the rays, and we're gonna cut out some paper to make the plane. All these things are going to be pasted on a blue poster board (so that we don't have to paint the sky).
We havent started anything yet.. and it's due this Saturday. Ihsan was very excited when we drew a sketch of his poster on paper and marked all the materials we needed. He kept asking when we're gonna start. We still need to go to the bookstore and get the stuff.

Ilham has to make a bookmark.
The bookmark has to be based on a character in a traditional story, and on the 100th day of school, he has to come to school dressed as that character.
Ilham has chosen to be a frog prince (since that would be the easiest for me to do..). We're gonna make a bookmark in the shape of a frog with a crown on top of its head, that could be 'clipped' on a page and on the frog's tummy we're gonna write "Read it, Read it" (get it?). We're gonna look for a green sweater for him, and I'm gonna make him a frog hat (with a crown of course). The bookmark's due next Wednesday.

On top of that, they're also asking for recipes because they are trying to compile an International Cookbook. I think that's easy enough.. I can just take a few from my blog, I guess, heh heh..

They're also asking some interested parents to come and read/tell a traditional story from their home country. I was initially piqued, but then I started thinking of all the Malaysian traditional stories and I think they're all a bit morbid, don't you think? I mean, there's one where a mother was swallowed by a stone, then one where a son didnt acknowledge his mother and was turned to stone, then the one where a girl's mother got thrown by the 2nd wife into a well, turned into a fish, then the 2nd wife caught the fish and fed it to the girl... I'm trying to think of a fun traditonal Malay story fit for children.. any ideas? Hm.. maybe one of the Sang Kancil stories, perhaps?

Then on the 100th day, I need to send ihsan to school with a plate of something that he can share with his friends.. this is going to be tricky coz i would need to prepare it early in the morning and it has to be easy enough for ihsan to carry..

Oh man.. and next year Anis going to start school.. would that mean I'd have to do stuff for 3 kids then??

Monday, January 23, 2006

Easy Peasy Potato&Egg Salad

This is the recipe for the potato salad that I made for the modblogger's gathering in FRIM last december. It is actually pretty easy, the only tedious part is the boiling, peeling, and cutting up of the potatoes and eggs.
You can actually dump pretty much anything you like inside a potato salad, so feel free to experiment and play around with the ingredients.

Easy Peasy Potato & Egg Salad

6 large potatoes (I used russet's coz they're tender and get all crumbly and helps thicken the salad more. Boil, peel and cut to your preferred size and shape)
6 eggs (u can use more if you want, my rule is one egg per potato. Hard boiled, shelled and diced)
Mayonnaise (one medium sized bottle, depends on the amount of your potatoes)
Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup (one can, unmixed. You can use other kinds of creamy soup to vary the taste, but not the ones with pasta in em)
Celery (about 3 stalks, cut up into small pieces. This adds great taste and crunchy texture)
Sweet corn niblets (one small can will do, can omit if your kids don't like corn, or add more if you like them)
Sausages or bologna (as much as you want. cut them up into small pieces and fry them till they're crispy)salt and pepper to taste

In a huge salad bowl, mix well mayo and canned soup, season to taste (use salt sparingly coz your sausage/bologna bits might be a little salty). Dump in the potatoes and eggs, stir till well coated, then add the celery and sweet corn and stir. Can be left to chill in the fridge.
When you're ready to serve, stir in half of the sausage/bologna bits, and sprinkle the rest on top.
Can be eaten on it's own, with bread, fried chicken or barbecued meats.

Other yummy suggestions:
Add chopped nuts for the nutty taste.
Add chopped chillies for a hot edge.
You can also add diced apples.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Squids will be Squids

Squids will be Squids by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.

Ilham borrowed this book from the school library and I had enjoyed it as much as he did (maybe even more than him, since I understood the sarcasm).

Its foreword went like this:

Fables have been around for thousands of years. And it's no wonder. Because thousands of years ago people were bright enough to figure out that you could gossip about anybody - as long as you changed their name to something like "Lion" or "Mouse" or "Donkey" first.
Aesop is the guy most famous for telling fables...

[and he goes on telling abt Aesop]
These [fables in the book] are beastly fables with fresh morals about all kinds of bossy, sneaky, funny, annoying, dim-bulb people. But nobody I know personally.

Moral: sometimes the names are changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

heh heh

And the afterward goes like this:

You have just finished reading fables about all kinds of bossy, sneaky, funny, annoying, dim-bulb people .. i mean animals.
"What fun," you are thinking.
"I should write some of those myself," you are thinking.
But before you get started, it just occured to me that you might want to know one more little bit about Aesop.
Aesop used to tell this one fable about a real bossy jerk "Lion" who ruled a city. When the real bossy jerk guy who ruled Aesop's city heard this fable, he didn't like it.
So he had Aesop thrown off a cliff.

Moral: If you are planning to write fables, don't forget to change the people into animals and avoid places with high cliffs.

One of my favourite stories in this book is the one titled "Straw and Matches":

It was the end of summer vacation. Straw had done everything he could think of. He was bored. So we went over to play with someone he had been warned to stay away from.
"Let's play checkers," said Straw.
"Okay I'm the red ones I get to move first I get two moves and you get one," sain Matches.
"Forget it," said Straw. "Let's play ping-pong instead."
"Okay I get the good paddle you stand on that side I get to serve first and you have to close one eye," said Matches.
"Never mind," said Straw. "Maybe we should just watch TV."
"Okay you sit over there on the floor I'll sit on the couch I get the remote and we have to watch my favourite video," said Matches.
"I think I hear my mom calling," said Straw. "I'd better go."

Moral: Don't play with matches.

hm... maybe I could give writing fables a shot ;)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Weather with you

Today we had a strange sandstorm.
Strange, because I had never experienced a sandstorm before, and I had always imagined there'd be really strong winds and the sand would be scraping your face like sand paper and you would have to squint your eyes coz else the dust would get in them.
I stepped out of the house to take the bus to pick the kids from school and I saw that there was like a brown mist hanging in the air. There is a light wind, but it wasnt that strong, and it didnt scratch my face. There was definitely some dust floating in the air, but it's still breathable, though after awhile you do feel like there's something in your eyes and you start rubbing your nostrils in irritation.
Visibility is like 100meters. Further than that, you couldnt see a thing. Our bus almost hit another car at one of the junctions because that car did not stop coz maybe it didnt see us. Good thing the bus driver was very cautious so he need not stop the bus too abruptly coz we were moving quite slow and he had noticed that the other car did not seem to want to stop.
The weather is quite cold nowadays. The other day it was hovering between 10 to 14 degrees Celcius (about 40-55 degrees Farenhite). I know mamasparks is probably scoffing and calling me a wimp since 50F would be a good day in Minnessota. But I come from tropical Malaysia and I have forgotten the cold winter days in Illinois ... Good thing I stay in most of the time, and my heater works :) I've taken to wearing socks though, especially in the tile-floored kitchen.

meh.. I should count my blessings. At least we don't get our house covered by 6 foot of snow like +nectar.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Made in Malaysia

My opinion on things made in malaysia that I encountered during my trip back home.

Adibah Noor's Terlalu Istimewa

I got this as a gift from Mdm Y, my lunch buddy friend. Am I glad I did, coz later I found out from my sister that this CD is pretty hard to find. I am not suprised. Adibah produced this CD herself. There are probably just a few copies in the market, and to me, it's pretty good, despite 6 out of the 17 tracks being minus-one tracks.
I love almost every single song in the album, with the exception of Terlalu Hina, which is Adibah's attempt at Heavy Metal. No dahling.. your voice is too beautiful to waste it on Heavy Metal.. please don't (It was quite horrific). Otherwise, Adibah's voice is superb.. I think she is one of the most under-rated performers in our country. It's a shame that the big companies are not taking notice of her (or maybe they are, but don't think she has any commercial value due to her size.. she looks great on the album cover though). I really hope that she will come up with another album. 11 lagu je tak puas lah kak!! (11 songs are not enough to satisfy me, sister!)
I know it's probably too obvious, since it's the one song that gets the most airplay, but Terlalu Istimewa is my favourite. I actually cried listening to the lyrics of this song. Perhaps it's just pregnancy hormones or my motherly feelings, but this song really really touched me.
I have been a fan of Adibah Noor since I saw her compete for the Suara Nescafe in 1994, and this album has sealed me as a fan for life. :)
For more information on Adibah Noor, you can visit her website : http://adibahnoor.tripod.com

That mobile phone commercial
You know that mobile phone that is supposed to be so stable? Its commercial shows this guy on the beach and a woman jogs past and he secretly takes a picture of her. And then later they bump into each other and they find out they have both been secretly taking pictures of each other? and they laugh it off and supposedly hit it off?
I'm sorry, but I don't find that romantic in the least bit. I actually find it disturbing.
The first words that came out of my mouth when I saw that commercial on TV was "Pervert!!". In real life, the guy would probably get a slap in the face, if not a summons. If i find out someone has been secretly taking pictures of me, I woulds walk away with them, I'd probably run the other way.. I mean, would you date a stalker? If he stalked you before, what makes you think he'd stop or won't do something worse after you had ended the relationship? Talk about alarm bells.
And what message are they trying to teach the public? That it's okay to secretly take pictures of other people? Or perhaps, "It is now easier to take pictures of other people secretly with our super stable camera". I can think of lots of other ways they could've promoted the stability feature of their camera. What about taking a picture on the train or in the car? Or during a family picnic? Or during a head bopping rocking your boots off concert? I bet nutty, our resident modblog copywriter can come up with a few.

Mawi Mawi and more Mawi
Man... this guy was everywhere!!
We were driving up north and along the highway we saw a huge billboard of him promoting instant noodles. Almost all the Malaysian entertainment magazines on the rack had some bit of story about him. He even has a column in Harian Metro. Even Mastika (the magazine that devotes itself to bizzare and religious stories) had an article about a scandal he is supposedly in. And guess who is the face to promote the first Malaysian Mobile phone, M-Mobile? yup, you got it, Mawi.
I know he's like a rags to riches story and he has earned it, but damn, is this guy over exposed or what?

Gerak Khas and Black Metal
My father-in-law is a huge fan of Gerak Khas. On Monday evenings(?) we'd have our dinner in front of the TV just so he could catch this Malaysian police show. Just so happens that the 2 weeks we were at my in-laws, it was that double episode on Black Metal.
I don't know, everything about the show seemed unreal.. is this really how the police work? And is this what the Black Metal threat really is? So it's not like it's a bunch of teenagers wearing black clothes and congregating and having a chat eh?
I really can't tell, what's truth and what's fiction from watching Gerak Khas, so all I told my kids was that these kids probably don't have the proper skills and support structure to cope wih whatever problems they are facing, so they go into whatever is currently available and popular... (at least that's what I gather from watching lotsa Oprah and Dr. Phil.. hee hee)

Baik Punya Cilok!!
I SOOOOOOO wanted to watch this movie.
Everyone was raving about it, saying that it's really good, even reminiscent of the classic P.Ramlee movies.
but alas.. time and opportunity did not permit.
I know that we'd probably be able to watch it during Hari Raya the next one or two years, but I had wanted to catch it on the big screen and laugh with the crowds. Ah well.. i guess I'll have to wait for the VCD to come out.

Roti Canai
North South East West
Roti Canai is the Best!
I had roti canai almost every morning during the 4 weeks I was home. I dread to see what my cholestrol level is...

What is it about listening to The Cure's Catch on cold days that makes you feel so melancholy?

Blog Comments

Posted by: LoLlieS
Date: 01/17/06 at 8:50 AM (5M2d ago)
adibah noor is a very popular choice for jemputan kahwin at hotels. Yeah she is good. She was singing with Ning once, a strong powerful song, and she is no contest.

Yeah mawi is everywhere. Kat kedai buku toleh kanan kiri somanya muka dia.

Posted by:+nectar
Date: 01/17/06 at 11:48 AM (5M2d ago)
last year there was another ad also featuring a guy taking photo of a girl he liked using his phone camera. and then they hit it off. was it Pond's or something I can't remember but I totally dislike that ad promoting phone as intrusion of your privacy. what if you happen to ambik gambar gf or wife orang, tak kena penumbuk sebijik?

Posted by:TheCharmedOne
Date: 01/17/06 at 11:48 AM (5M2d ago)
akak.. iklan handpon tu sebenarnya iklan kamera ler.

i hate Nawi. dah naik muak tengok muka dia, dalam paper pon asik cite dia jer. Ade sekali tu, semua muka dia dalam paper saya conteng (paper tu kawan saya punyer) hahaha..... meluat sungguh!!!

Posted by:fiammepersempre
Date: 01/17/06 at 10:04 PM (5M1d ago)
Hey Elisa!
Well so far it's been pretty stable.
I like it :0) Thanks for coming by.
- Lindsay

Posted by: lion3ss (View Website)
Date: 01/18/06 at 12:17 AM (5M1d ago)
Glad you're back online. Memang lah muka budak over exposed tu mana mana sekarang. Dalam paper kata AF4 dah nak start audition, so maybe by this time next year we'll get less of him.

Posted by:bertique
Date: 01/18/06 at 2:09 AM (5M1d ago)
haha mawi, malaysia ..
ikon la katakan .. ish ish ish ..

eh wait, u dah balik alkhobar ka ??

Posted by: ondeonde yang dah pindah (View Website)
Date: 01/18/06 at 5:06 AM (5M1d ago)
I love adibah noor!!!! memang tak ada tandingan..
as for mawi, kat instant noodle Mamee pun ada muka dia..
Baik Punya Cilok pun belum nengok , nak jugak nengok but first I want to watch Memoirs of Geisha..

Posted by: zan
Date: 01/18/06 at 5:33 AM (5M1d ago)
kat mana2 pun mmg mawi, boring...
mdm Y byk buat promo pasal adibah heheh ;) dia tgh vacation kat langkawi.
elisa kalau u lama kat sini, kita dah boleh buat Mommies Day out tgk Baik Punya Cilok but u'r not here, tak cukup quorum.

Posted by: rotidua (View Website)
Date: 01/18/06 at 6:39 AM (5M1d ago)
u have adibah noor's CD??? sungguh dengki.

Posted by: famygirl
Date: 01/19/06 at 1:54 AM (5M19h ago)
adibah noor.. i like! i cried listening to Terlalu Istimewa too

Posted by: WebMasterAN (View Website)
Date: 01/25/06 at 8:59 PM (4M3w ago)
Thanks for your support to Adibah Noor. For more info, simply visit www.adibah-noor.com , the official website.

Posted by: redplanet (View Website)
Date: 04/18/06 at 6:08 AM (2M1d ago)
yes she is very good..think tower records at klcc also have her cd..

check out some stories at this website www.kahwin.tk

all the best to her

Posted by: czaree
Date: 05/25/06 at 8:42 AM (3w3d ago)
mawi is the current malay icon.....cool or not is beside the point. singing ability not perfect...but so was p.ramlee ...and mick jagger sings out of tune until his 60's

Monday, January 16, 2006

Lord of The Blog : Return Of The Pink

oh boy oh boy
where do I even start..
well, I guess this is going to be another collection of random ramblings about what went on the last month.


My flight to Malaysia was horrible.
The Doha-KL flight was delayed for 3 hours and we had to spend that 3 hours in the small and cramped Doha airport. I read a bit of The Mill On The Floss and had a short nap and watched people. The kids sat on the floor and drew. There were a group of Malaysian students who Taufik described as peghak, coz they kept cheering and clapping for something. Why do Malaysians have to be so beriya?. They made the wait more annoying.
The flight was full and I sat next to Anis who kept kicking me in her sleep coz she couldn't get comfortable. I couldn't get comfortable either coz of my 'condition'. I couldnt even watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
I puked when we landed. The Malaysian students clapped and cheered for the pilot. *roll eyes*


My checklist:
1. Settle house loan - done
2. Get my RHB card - done
3. Pay MSRI - done
4. Makan, makan, makan dan makan (eat, eat, eat and eat) - done done done

Under item 4, I managed to eat almost everything that I had wanted to, except for satar. I even got to eat Dim Sum, which wasn't on my original list, thanx to my girlfriends.


I didnt get to meet up with as many friends as I hoped, mainly coz my schedule was kinda tight, and there were 3 public holidays (christmas, new year and Eid-ul-Adha) during this trip and people had other plans. But i treasure those that I did get to meet (especially The Elusive Mr R and wife, and Zharif and Izzah) (I think Izzah looks a lot like her grandmother lah..)
ah well.. maybe next time.
And I think next time I'll invite people to my house instead.


I had to pack most of my 'supplies' (maggi mee, keropok, ikan bilis, ikan masin, udang kering, rempah2 etc) in 2 extra boxes. And I still didnt get to bring back all of it! I didnt get to bring home my soy sauce and oyster sauce :P coz Taufik didnt wanna risk bringing back bottles. bummer.


I didn't get to see Baik Punya Cilok!!!! aiyahhhh
Chief Kodok if you're reading this, bila itu VCD original keluar, lu kasi tahu sama gua, okay?


Ilham cried when we had to say goodbye to everybody... hee hee hee... he is is so emo.


The flight back was worse.
I puked at least 6 times. I couldnt eat a thing. Everything I tried to eat came back out.
I think my body was avenging the 4 weeks of stuffing myself.


It was weird how when I stepped through the door of Villa 251, Canary Village Al-khobar, it felt more like home than my real home.

I am still slightly jet lagged. I get sleepy by 7pm and wake up by 5am. But all in all, things are getting back to normal.

I only started real cooking today. I made naemy lamb soup, and fried a piece of tenggiri jeruk with sliced onions and garlic. YUMMY.

Blog Comments

Posted by: sevenwaysfromsaved
Date: 01/16/06 at 3:02 PM (5M3d ago)
"Ilham cried when we had to say goodbye to everybody... hee hee hee... he is is so emo."

You are the coolest mom ever, ahahahaha.

Posted by: +nectar
Date: 01/16/06 at 3:03 PM (5M3d ago)
yay, you're back. Kesiannya muntah banyak kali, mesti sakit, kan.
ramai orang dah pindah either blogspot or efx2. sunyi rasa modblog. I don't know abt Al-Khobar but I managed to send food supplies to Japan through sea mail. Botol kicap and sos selamat, tak pecah and semuanya lepas tak kena tahan. plus masa my parents-in-law dtg they brought some supplies including lesung batu. Allah bless my parents-in-law.

Posted by: ciknort
Date: 01/16/06 at 4:04 PM (5M3d ago)
Alhamdulillah~ everything's OK! tuh la kak, tk ajak saya jumpe..ehehehe. it's ok, lenklai boleh jumpe. hope that you are happy and always happy~ take care! muwahs muwahs..

p/s: i'm still thinking what to write to you. hehe :D

Posted by: The Angel Islington (View Website)
Date: 01/16/06 at 8:04 PM (5M3d ago)
La..dah balik dah rupanya. Yeah, it's funny how the Home Away From Home can feel cosier sometimes..

Posted by: Leez (View Website)
Date: 01/17/06 at 3:18 AM (5M2d ago)
poor you! oh well, at least now you're back home n can start stuffing up again hehehehehe :)

Posted by: zan
Date: 01/18/06 at 5:24 AM (5M1d ago)
kesiannya ilham...ihsan tak nangis ker? tenggiri jeruk...yummy!