Friday, April 30, 2004


Mood: sick

I am not feeling well today.
I have a cold.
Gone to see the doctor and she gave me sick leave.
Just logged on to turn on the 'Out of office' on my outlook so that people know.
so not writing much.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Welcome Syed Ahmad Arif !

Mood: excited! Playing: Whale Song, Pearl Jam

Just called Acai a few minutes ago. Dolly safely delivered her 2.65kg son via C-section around 8:30am. Since Arif is 1 week premature, he's gonna be kept in NICU for monitoring for a while.
This is my 3rd nephew ( i also have 3 other nieces) (AND 3 kids of my own).
I'm praying that everything will be fine. I'm gonna go visit her this evening. Can't wait to see the baby!

The invitation

Mood: excited!

I just got an invitation from the Malaysian Sociological Research Institute, to attend the launching of "On Becoming Alijah", Part1 of Dr. Alijah Gordon's memoire.
It's gonna be launched in Carcosa Seri Negara. Dr. Mahathir (Former prime minister of Malaysia, look him up) is going to be there!!
It's on a Thursday.
Should I take off work?
I am *SO* tempted. My friends say that I'd be stupid to pass up the invitation. It is the Carcosa for gawds sakes!! That's like getting invited to the Ritz Carlton or something.
I'm never gonna afford to go there on my own.. (well, actually I could, but I'm too stingy and so is my husband).
hm.. the idea of going is becoming more and more tempting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Bus lanes

Mood: baffled

I wonder why they bother to make bus lanes when the bus drivers still insist on making sure half of the bus' butt takes up your lane when they stop so that you still have to wait behind it.

Another pending birth

Playing: Down, Pearl Jam

Got a call from Dolly while buying groceries today. She went to see her gynae and Dr. Idris said that her blood pressure is 160, so she's gotta be admitted into the hospital. They're gonna schedule a C-section either today or tomorrow.
Well, I'm glad it's gonna be a C-section, because judging from the size of her tummy, I don't think the baby can fit through the normal passage.. heh heh

Mama's asking me to go visit her tonight.. "for moral support". But I don't feel like going.. I mean, I love my sister, but it's not like she's giving birth yet. She's just lying there in the hospital bed. I think a call would suffice.
Oh God. Now I'm feeling guilty for saying that.

I'll ask my husband. Maybe he'd feel too lazy to go too, then I can tell my mom my husband doesnt wanna go to visit yet, then I'd have an excuse.. hee hee. Taufik always saves the day!

Monday, April 26, 2004


Mood: Nostalgic Playing: Black, Pearl Jam

Some people were trying to capture the lyrics for this 13 yr old song.
okay here's my ear's version: (my thoughts in brackets)
-------------------- --------
Sheets of guilty canvas, untouched sheets of gray (he's an artist?)
were lay spread out before me, as her body was still (he still remembers her)
oh all five horizons revolved around her soul, as the earth did the sun (this is such a beautiful line, he thinks the world of her)
now the air i've tasted and breathed has taken a turn (but now he doesnt feel too good about her)

err and all I thought her was, everything (he thinks everything of her)
I know she gave me all that she wore (while what she gave him was all superficial)

and these bitter hands, shake beneath the clouds, of what was everything (hands reference - artist? writer?)
All the pictures had, all been washed in black, tatooed everything (any memory he had of her has permanently been distorted)

I take a walk outside, i'm surrounded by .. some kids at play
I can feel/hear their laughter.. so why do I see her? (he can hear happiness, but all he sees is sadness)
And these twisted thoughts I spin, 'round my head..
I'm spinning ohhh I'm spinning
How quick the sun can drop awayyyy (Gawd this part always gets to me. If I listen to this by the beach when the sun is setting, i'd be on my knees crying) (Ed captured the feeling i get everytime I see the sun set)

Oh this bitter hands prey on broken glass (though "cradle broken glass" sounds better)
of what was everything...
all the pictures had, all been washed in black tattooed everything..
auw the love gone bad, turned my world to black,
tattooed all I see, all that I am,
all I'll be ....... yeahhh (he's deeply affected by his loss)

I know someday you'll have a beautiful life,
I know you'll be a star
in somebody else's sky (he still cares for her)
but why why why...
cant it be
oh cant it be
mine..? (though he still pines for her)

tududud tud dududu..
-------------------- ------

Searching for the 'true' lyrics is like searching for the holy grail. Sometimes I like the fact that PJ does not provide lyrics and that Ed sings it almost mumbling. It means we can make up the words to fit how we feel and the song gives us more meaning than the band could ever hope to give..

I cried the first time i heard this song, even before I found out the whole lyrics. It was just so *powerful*.
a true PJ classic.

PJ Christmas single 2003

Playing: Spin The Black Circle, Pearl Jam

On Saturday morning my mom called me up to tell me that i have a 'package' sent to her house (we live like a block away, I still use her address as my mailing address sometimes).
Went over as soon as I could and LO AND BEHOLD!
It's the 2003 Christmas Single from Pearl Jam!! woo hooo !!!
too bad it's a vinyl.. i don't have a record player!! *bang bang bang my head on the wall*.
Actually, i didnt join the ten club to get the christmas single. I joined it *just in case* they decide to come and play in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. then I'd get privileged tickets.
I hope it happens before I die.
Hope hope hope.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Rizwal Jr

Note: This was originally written on Friday evening (23rd Apr 04). -------->

My best friend rizwal and wife ailin just gave birth to their first baby. A boy named Zharif Airiss.

Friday, April 23, 2004


This was my first blog post on modblog. Look at what I was thinking and what jibrille commented. It was kinda prophetic.

Hm.. interesting jugak modBlog nih..
I've heard of blogging for so long, tapi this is my first time I'm trying it out.
So basically it's like a diary that everybody else can read, eh?
I have a few questions.. which I don't know who will answer.
1. Why is it that people tend to write blogs in english and not their mother tongue? (is this statement even true?)
2. If this is my diary, what are the chances that I will lose it? (i.e. the data getting wiped out). How long are blogs retained?

ermm that's all i'm wondering right now

Posted by: jibrille (Offline)
Date: 4/25/04 at 9:48PM (7d4h ago)

1.) This is an English site, so it only makes sense to write in english.

2.) I think you'll never lose it, unless a server crashes.