Sunday, May 10, 2015

Have to take your hand, and feel your breath for fear this someday will be over*

* Sirens, Pearl Jam

Izani is 9 years old, but he still holds my hand when we cross the street or walk across the car park.
One day, I decided to ask, "Why do you hold my hand, Izani?"
"Because I want to, " he answered, "Because you're my mom"
"Does it feel nice, to hold my hand?" I asked.
"uh huh," he nodded, "it makes me feel safe"
We walked in silence for a bit, then he gave my hand a squeeze and rubbed his side against mine.
"I love you, Bonda"

hu hu hu. Never grow up, Izani.
Even if you do grow up, never stop holding my hand. Okay?

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

You can't be neutral on a moving train*

*"Down" - Pearl Jam
in case you don't know what i look like

I have always loved train stations.
Perhaps it's due to the promise of a journey, an adventure. Or maybe it's the mystery of what lies ahead (even though the next destination is written clearly there on your ticket).
To me it symbolizes both a beginning and an end. A starting point, and a destination.

anis and izani discovering how train switches work

Nothing delights me more than finding an abandoned train station, like this one in the old part of bandar Gua Musang, Kelantan. Here we can walk and skip safely on the tracks, play with the switches and watch the tracks move, or pretend you're in some remote station in the middle of nowhere where the train only arrives once a week, and there are lions lurking about.
It reminds me of the quiet and lonely stations in Spirited Away where magical creatures await.

The Pulau Tioman

An hour's away we discovered this station in Merapoh, Pahang. This one had a less nostalgic feeling though. I heard that the station is closed due to the devastating flood, but I can't be too sure. We found this train, the Pulau Tioman, dormant on the tracks.

Can you see the conductor?

Anis & I decided to climb inside to have a look see. We were shocked to find everything caked in mud. Could the flood have caused this? I wouldn't be surprised if it did, just as I wouldn't be surprised if suddenly an apparition of a daikon shaped ghost in a conductor's uniform were to pop up and ask me for my ticket.
Before I ran out mencecet, I decided to strike a pose:

"Asia's Last Top Model: Zombie Apocalypse"

tee hee