Sunday, May 10, 2015

Have to take your hand, and feel your breath for fear this someday will be over*

* Sirens, Pearl Jam

Izani is 9 years old, but he still holds my hand when we cross the street or walk across the car park.
One day, I decided to ask, "Why do you hold my hand, Izani?"
"Because I want to, " he answered, "Because you're my mom"
"Does it feel nice, to hold my hand?" I asked.
"uh huh," he nodded, "it makes me feel safe"
We walked in silence for a bit, then he gave my hand a squeeze and rubbed his side against mine.
"I love you, Bonda"

hu hu hu. Never grow up, Izani.
Even if you do grow up, never stop holding my hand. Okay?

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.


  1. Auww... of all your children i adore izani since i ikut dia dari dlm perut you lagi

    1. alaaaa ... kesian kat anak-anak I yang lain...

  2. Replies
    1. budak tu memang pandai ambik hati.. boleh cair seyh.

  3. I hope my son will always hold my hand and give me this huge hug with his big smile and say cayang mama. But he always says tanak kawan mama often juga. Hehe

    1. izani tak pernah cakap "Taknak kawan", but ada jugak kadang kadang dia terus terang cakap, "You're mean!". Adusss... terus kecut hati.

  4. so sweet...

    Happy Mother's Day

  5. Assalamualaikum 😊
    I came across your blog while searching for Islamic primary schools and specifically reviews on Itqan. You had written a post back in 2009. Please may I know where you finally decided to send your kids?
    p.s. your son is so sweet lah!

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