Friday, December 22, 2006

It's been 7 hours and 15 days..

actually, more than that, but that song is in my head now.

i have 267 blog alerts!!! *faints*

i have met lazydaisy, yellowcab, dory, lollies, bbd (diah+baby+bear), pb, nutty, and my gurrlfriends.

i have travelled from PJ to Alor Setar to Perlis to Alor Setar to Penang to Alor Setar to PJ.

I have seen my in laws, snakes, our kebun (orchard), taufik's aunts and uncles, circa WWII fort+bunkers+cannons, batu feringgi.

I have bought material from half of the fabric stores in pekan alor setar.

I went to Pekan Rabu to get my stock of kuah rojak and keropok and stuff.

I have bought baju melayu for the kids at pekan rabu.

I have discovered that Ilham talks Bahasa Malaysia like that guy in Casa Impian. So funny.

Izani had measles in Alor setar, he has now recovered.

I have gone to the dentist and got the holes in my teeth filled.

I will now head to Jakarta on the 27th.

can't write long, on borrowed computer.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Easy Peasy Berry-misu

Almost as seen on RachaelRay. If you want the original recipe, you can go search at
But here's my version:

Easy Peasy Berry-misu

one box cake mix (I used Betty Crocker Super Moist French Vanilla, bake per instruction on box)
one packet Philly Cream Cheese
500ml whipping cream
4 tbsp icing sugar
500grams frozen strawberries
4 tbsp granulated sugar

Bake cake per instructions on box, preferrably in a square pan for easy cutting. Let cool.
Leave cream cheese out to room temperature, dredge with fork so that it mixes with the whipped cream easier.
Whip up the whip cream till soft peaks form. Sprinkle icing sugar and add in the cream cheese, mix on low till stiff (or use a hand-beater to be safe).
In a blender/food processor, blend the frozen strawberries with the granulated sugar. Add a little bit of cream/water for lubrication if needed (I needed to).
In a deep serving container (preferrably glass), arrange a layer of cake, then spoon the strawberry slush, then layer on dollops of cream-cheese mix. If your dish is deep enough, do another layer. If not, one layer will do.
Refridgerate. Scoop out to serve.

You can adjust the sweetness of each layer to your liking. I don't like mine to be too sweet, plus the vanilla cake was sweet enough and my strawberries were slightly tart, so 4 tablespoons of sugar worked just fine.
Because I used cream instead of water, my strawberry layer was pink and people (especially the children) thought it was ice cream.
I brought it to an open house last weekend and it was a hit :) I had to make another one when we came home coz my kids complained that they didnt get to eat enough. One box of the cake filled about 2 large 5" by 8" container, but if you wanted, you could also fill glasses (or tupperwares) with the layers to make individual servings for a party.
Don't worry about leftover ingredients, because each layer is good enough to eat on it's own. I ate leftover cake with leftover cream while my kids happily drank the leftover strawberry slush.

Happy Trying!
Don't forget to tell me if yours turn out well!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Last Exit

It's 4 days till I fly home!! woot wooot!!!

Okay I can't remember when I paid my internet bill till, so I might lose my internet connection in the next few days. Plus I foresee I'd be really really busy in the enxt few days.
*deep breath*
I still havent finished shopping for stuff. I still have 50 paper bags to fold and glue. I need to clean out my fridge. I need to pack. Tuesday morning the kids have their winter concert and Ihsan has a class assembly where he has a part as 'Roger' in "The Headmaster's New Clothes", so that means the whole morning is gone, I would have to pack the night before coz the moment the kids come back from school, we'd have to take a cab to the airport.
Here are some things that I *must* tell you:

1. Kenduri is still on. It's still on Dec10th 2006 at my house. Lollies said she'll come at one coz bertique can only be there at one, so I would suggest all bloggers come at one. My friends who doesnt really care about meeting up with bloggers can come earlier if you want (you know who yous are). PokKu fans, my dad will be there all day long.
2. If you havent got a map to my house yet, please email me at elisa underscore taufik at yahoo dot com as soon as possible and I will email it to you.
3. I don't know whether my celcom prepaid account would still work when I get home, so if you need to contact me with regards to the kenduri, please do so via rotidua, who is the official event planner.
4. More likely than not, I will not be able to blog while I'm in Malaysia, but I will be at Mokciknab's from Dec 27th till Jan 3rd, so I might be able to post then.
5. So till we meet again, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, Happy New Year and Selamat Hari Raya Haji.