Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blame it on the boing

elouai's doll maker 3

My hair actually looks like that now. Taufik has cut it (it was really long before), and you know how he is with scissors and hair..
I wanted boots, but was too lazy to search for it.. heh heh

You know I'm gonna play around with this summore, don't you?

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Who knows how a woman's mind works.
She calls me up out of the blue and asks me to come home.
After years of my efforts of showing that I still have affections for her have been thwarthed time and time again, she finally tells me that she needs me.
After years of just coming home to 'visit' and never to stay, she is asking me to be with her again. To return to my post as the pillar of strength to which she can cling to for support.
Do I say yes? Or do I say "too little too late?"

Because I love her, I say Yes.

Tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang mati.


Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of other people. Sometimes I wonder, if I were to listen to what they are thinking, would I understand them better? Would I be able to get to know them better?
Or would it suffice to just know what went on in their lives, to listen to what comes out of their mouths, to watch how they react to situations, to speculate and surmise .. would that make me really know them?
Maybe it's better that I do not know people so well. Coz then I wouldn't be suprised anymore.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

AI 2006: Final 6 results: If America picked to pickle Pickler, will pickler be pickled?

I love it when I'm right.

Sorry, too busy to write a real post today.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

AI 2006, Final 6

They're singing love songs this week.
Thank God Ace was kicked out last week.. I could just imagine him revelling in this category coz he would get to practice his 'hypnotic gaze' on the camera..
tee hee.
okay lah cukuplah mengutuk mat sengau tu.. dia pun dah keluar kan?

Kat (I Have Nothing) - was so hawt hawt hawt!!! My god what a dress!! How does she keep her boobs in? I thought she performed the song quite well even though none of the judges seem to agree. She definitely exuded pesona bintang (star quality). I think the phone bill at all frat houses all across america just went up a notch this week.

Elliot (Song for You) - was slammin! I saw a lot of soul and I was feeling the love from his performence this week. I thought the song was a bit draggy, but my attention was held fast by his awesome vocals. and Paula is so emo tak pasal2.. ntah apa apa..dah lah cakap merapu

Kelly (Unchained Melody) - meh... i tried looking into her eyes to find an aota of emotion while she was singing, but as usual, nada. She has limited taste/knowledge in music (and almost everything else), doesnt she? I'm starting to get tired of her.

Taylor (Just Once) - I thought he picked the perfect song for him, but he was a bit pitchy at some parts. I actually pity him coz the judges (especially Simon) never seem to be satisfied with him. He injects a little craziness and they call him 'drunk', he keeps it serious and they call him 'uptight'. What the hell?

Paris (The Way We Were) - somehow this song always reminds me of Leslie Cheung. aaanyways.. I thought Paris went a bit over with this song.. it sounded very very broadway but not classy broadway like Streisand. I hope the stylist would stop dressing her up in black. I think she would've looked better in a flowy ivory dress singing this song.

Chris (Have You ever Loved a Woman) - at last!! he sings Bryan Adams! And he nailed it!! I knew he'd be good with Bryan Adams. I thought it was such a good performence, and singing while lying down has definitely cured him of his vibrating vocals. I really loved this one. I'm actually gonna go and download it. The look he had at the last 'woman', reminded me of how Bo looked when he sang that whatsitstitle song acapella. Total satisfaction of a job well done.

Who I want to be out: The Pickle.
Who I think will be voted out: either the Pickle, or if the voters are cruel and listens to the judges, Kat.

We'll see how tomorrow..

I want my sexy back

I don't want a look, I want a gaze
I don't want a hug, I want an embrace
I don't want a peck, I want a passionate kiss
I want to experience, I don't want to miss

I don't want a touch, I want a caress
I want passion to burn right beneath my breasts
To not just be needed but to also be desired
To be revived as the goddess when the goddess is tired

I want my sexy back

aiyooohh lambat lagi ke nak habis pantang nih..?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My mom is here, yay!

Okay, so my mom arrived at 3am this morning. I just had put Izani down after his feed, so I sat and chatted with her while waiting for the time for Fajr prayers, which was only 45 minutes away.

She told me that she had been feeling very tired coz she couldnt sleep, worrying about a lot of things. How my youngest sister is doing with the new baby, how my eldest sister is going to move into her house, how the-one-who-does-not-blog (TDB) is going to handle her kid when her maid goes home, her impending trip alone to a foreign land.. She almost wanted to cancel the trip to come visit me, because she had felt so tired.. but then my bro-in-law (TDB's hubby) asked her to reconsider, and she was reading the Quran and she kept encountering words of encouragement for people who sacrifice themselves to help other people in need. Then my dad came over to see her and bought her some essence of chicken and that made her feel revived and better..(Thanx, Papa!)
So she finally went to the airport, got help from a man heading to Manchester to get to her gate, then on the plane met a nurse who was working here in Al-Kh0bar, so she had company and felt more secure about travelling.
Alhamdulillah!! He moves in mysterious ways
I told her that I was apprehensive about her coming as well, for the same reason that she was apprehensive about coming. Plus the fact that I actually am feeling better already. She said that she's glad that I'm feeling better, but she is still happy that she's now here and she'll try to help as best as she can, plus she's looking forward to seeing the kids.
She then started unpacking her stuff, and we discovered that most of 'her stuff' were actually my stuff!! Gifts from friends + family (Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! *muahs muahs* love you all! I laughed out loud when I saw the minyak Yu Yee!), keropok and ikan bilis, Sea cucumber jelly, tudung mun@warrah, letters.. and DVDs!! Yay!
I finally left her to freshen up and perform her solat and I went to bed at around 4am.
Izani woke up at around 6am, about the same time that Taufik woke up and he woke the boys up for school. We told Ihsan that nenek is here and the first thing he did was go look for her. She sounded happy to see the boys. I overheard her remark that Ilham is now almost as tall as her. She came into the room to look at Izani and the first thing she said was "eh, he looks just like Aliff!" See, kan dah kata..?? All cucu kustamangs look almost alike.
She held Izani while I went to the bathroom and went down to help Taufik with the boys. I had a bit of breakfast, then my mom came down with Anis to have breakfast (she made Anis scrambled eggs). I came up to see that Izani has fallen back to sleep and so has Taufik, so I switched on Disney Channel for Anis and went back to bed as well.
When I woke up at 9am when Taufik was getting ready for work, I discovered that my mom had cleaned and arranged everything in my kitchen! She was by then asleep in her room.
I cooked lunch (rice, vegetable soup, fried chicken and sambal tumis ikan bilis with the ikan bilis that my mom brought for me) and went upstairs to wake my mom up, and saw her by the sink brushing her teeth. She wanted to shower and pray first, so Taufik and I had our lunch by ourself (it was yummy by the way.. been awhile since I had sambal tumis ikan bilis).
After lunch we sat together watching Opr@h, Starting Over and Dr.Phil while I fed Izani and then folded laundry.
She is now in the kitchen frying up sweet potatoes for my kids.. and when I went down a few minutes ago to see if I could help her, she was sweeping up the kitchen floor.

I think this visit is not going to be so bad after all... :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

My three other kids

Okay so everyone's been wondering about how my other kids are taking to baby Izani.

Sorry for the bad lighting. Taufik put the baby by the window to prevent jaundice

Well, what can I say, they just love the baby to bits.
Everyone wants to hold the baby (which I do not allow), and they're always kissing him. I wipe their noses before they kiss him, though. And make sure they wash their hands coz god knows where those grubby fingers have been.
They have lots of questions.

"is that the straw where he gets food when he was in your tummy?" pointing to the umbilical cord
"does it hurt?" while I was breastfeeding
"why doesn't he look at me?" when they see him open his eyes but don't look directly at them
"do you know how to take care of him? I think we need a nurse" when the baby cries.
"was I this little?" when they compare the size of their hands and feet.
Last night Izani had the hiccups and the kids were laughing at each and every hiccup.
"His head is so small, but his face is so big!!" Anis commented.
"He looks like he's drunk" Ilham said.
"tee hee he's so funny" Ihsan remarked.

Anis, of course, is the one who dotes on her baby brother the most. She is the one who runs downstairs (or sometimes yells from upstairs) that the baby is crying when I'm doing stuff downstairs.
She would stand by the changing table everytime I change Izani's diapers and ask if she could help opening the diaper, handing me wet-wipes and giving the ocassional commentary on the different odors, saying "Eyewww that is gross" at appropriate times.
While I'm bathing Izani, Anis is the official towel holder.
And she's the one who powders him (and powders herself in the process).
And she insists to be the one who combs his hair. Her favourite style is the front-comb. You know.. just like the way George Michael did his hair when he made his second comeback.

If the baby cries, and I'm busy doing something else, Anis would be the first one to sit by him, stroke his hair and say "It's okay,'s okay.."
Sometimes she'd tell him stories.
She kisses him A LOT.
Baby Izani just lets her do anything she wants to him..

HOWEVER, Anis is acting extra whiny since the baby got home. She cries very easily, especially when we scold her for doing something wrong. Instead of asking for things nicely, sometimes she cries and whines instead, as if she expects us to say no. I think she just wants attention and is feeling a little bit insecure about her ability to get our attention. So we try not to make her feel like she's being loved less now that the baby is here.
Taufik took 30 minutes after lunch today to play with the jigsaw puzzle with her. She was so happy :). I think she will be happier when her grandmother gets here, coz then there will be an extra person who would pay attention to her.

My mom will be arriving in Bahrain at 1am tomorrow. Taufik will be leaving here at midnight to drive to Bahrain airport to pick her up. They'll arrive home at 3am, we estimate. I'm sure she'll be really jet-lagged and tired, so I'll let her rest for a bit.
I'm actually abit apprehensive about her visit.
She just got back from Seattle helping out my youngest sister with her baby, and from what I heard so far, she has been worrying about how my youngest sister is handling it alone with her new baby. I am afriad if she will still be thinking about my youngest sister when she gets here. I am afraid of what she would think when she comes here and sees me all hunky dory and acting like I'm super-woman.
Would she be angry at me for taking her away from someone who she feels needed her more? Would she think it is selfish of me to have brought her here to help me out, when I am actually capable of taking care of myself?
Maybe I am being apprehensive for no reason. And this is not a good state of mind to be in at the start of the visit.
Relax. Have an open mind. Things will be just fine.. Maybe she will enjoy being here after all. Maybe I am delusional about being able to take care of everything myself. Maybe she'll see that she *is* needed here, and she won't feel so bad about leaving Seattle so soon.

There's a new post on Baby Izani's Blog, by the way.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

slowly but surely..

so I'm down to 15 alerts.
My strategy was to go blog by blog, instead of post by post. So now I'm left with posts from pizzofmine, benthere and syntheticfaith..
Saving the best for last? :)
Saving the most for last? ;)

Sorry if I read your post and didnt comment. It's kinda hard when you're trying to catch up.. and when you're also kinda sleepy :(

well, I better get back to it..

suddenly I feel like eating some cheesecake..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

i'm back, but my back, and oh those backlogs!!

So far, the first day at home back to the usual routine with the new baby and no extra help seems to be going okay.

Izani woke up twice last night. Once at midnight, another time at 3am. The thing is, my wound is still abit sore, so I can't lie on my side to breastfeed him, which means I have to wake up and sit up and feed him. Which means every time he feeds, I have to be awake... :(
But I try not to be too stressed out about it, coz I can always catch up on sleep during the day.. tee hee..
Izani woke up again at around 6:45am hungry, so I fed him. Taufik got the boys ready and packed their lunchbox. After he sent the boys off to the bus, he came back and helped me hold Izani while I go do my thang in the bathroom.
After Taufik left for work I put Izani down for his nap, loaded the washing machine and made me two cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I ate them while I surfed the blogs (I have 80 post alerts!! dayummmm). Anis woke up, so I made her breakfast. I put the first laundry load into the dryer and put in the second load into the washing machine. Then I washed dishes for a bit, and sterilized Izani's bottles.
I surfed abit more, then when baby izani woke up at 10am, I bathed him, took some pictures, updated Izani's Baby Steps, fed him, put him to sleep, then surfed some more.
Then I made lunch (Yesterday one of my egyptian friends gave me a whole roast chicken, we had leftovers so I'm making soup and noodles today to eat with the leftover chicken), which is just boiling vermicelli and making a pot of chicken soup (nothing fancy or strenuous), which I didnt get to eat till about 2:30pm coz Izani woke up so I had to feed him, burp him, change him, and put him down to sleep.
The kids are now back from school. They're watching TV but they have to do their homework soon. Ilham came home with a tupperware of lasagna from Shalee (my friend whose son is in the same class as Ilham), which I heated up but havent eaten yet. I guess we'll have it for tea (and if there are leftovers, it'll be my breakfast for tomorrow too)
For dinner, I am just gonna have to marinate the chicken (which Taufik will fry for dinner) and cook rice. (I already made soup, remember).
My 2 loads of laundry is all dried and folded, so .. i guess when dinner is done, I'll be done for the day.. i'll feed izani before bed, and get ready to wake up at midnight for the whole cycle to begin again...

So you see, it's not like I'm superwoman or anything.. I just take my time and pick my battles.

My back is killing me though.. I havent had any ME-time yet.. havent taken any jamu (herbal preparations) or put on any barut (herbal treatment for the tummy) or bertungku (hot stone treatment) .. I guess I have to wait for my mom to get here before I can do that.

Did I tell you I have 80 post alerts??
Don't worry.. I'll get there eventually.. I don't know whether I'd comment on all of them, but I'll definitely read them.
sooner or later.

p/s If you have not noticed, I started a seperate blog for stories about Izani. I will not be blogging about Izani as often as I blog here, so you might wanna subscribe to Izani's Baby Steps. (If you're interested, lah). I will try to remember to mention it here if I made any updates there. I think, at the very least, I'll update on Izani's progress weekly.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm baaccckkkk!!!


okay before I say anything else, I'd like to state that I didnt get to watch this week's Americ@n Id0l and that my only regret is not seeing the The Face go with my own two eyes. Yes yes yessssssss!!!

Warning: May contain gory details and way too much information

So I delivered Baby Izani on Saturday, 15th of April. (i'll get to changing the ticker tomorrow).
It was pretty quick. I was rolled into the operating room around 10am. They poked the IV into me, then strapped me down, then a lady held a mask in front of my face (but didnt attach it) and I caught a whiff of something smelling vaguely of insecticide.
Another lady put her face in my view and said something like "kaserser" and I said I didnt speak arabic and she repeated "kaserser" and I finally comprehended. "Catheter? oh, okay" I said and the lady poked me around 'down there' and stuck stuff up my you know what. Damn. Only then did I recall the benefits of being on epidural.
Then the doctor came and started to swab my abdomen and I was like starting to panic coz hey I'm not unconcious yet!! Don't start! Don't start!
and the next thing I knew, they were calling my name and I remember going "mmm" in reply. I started to shiver, which I found really weird but I remember someone telling me about it so I didnt freak out or anything.
After that I started to feel pain and am reminded again how good epidural is. I told the nurse about the pain and she injected something into my IV that made it bearable. I think it was around 11am that I was rolled out and sent back to my room.
I didnt get to see Izani till around 3pm or so coz he had to sit under the light to heat his body up or something. Taufik said when they rolled the baby out, Izani was so quiet.. he didnt even cry.
Izani has thick black hair like Ilham, and he looks like Ilham and Anis when they were babies.
I tried to breastfeed him on the first day, but didnt have much milk, so I gave him the bottle. He's quite a drinker, this boy.

The recovery was pretty quick too. No nausea, no dizziness. Though I slept for abit while waiting for the baby. I was also really hungry and thirsty.
By the second day they had taken out the catheter and I was expected to go to the loo on my own. I was allowed to drink. I was also asked to walk about, which was kinda difficult with the IV. The nurses/doctors kept coming in to ask whether I had pass motion/gas, to which I would answer no.
On the third day when I still have not passed motion/gas, my doctor decided to give me an enema. *Ouch*. But after that they allowed me to eat pureed carrot soup. I was just happy to get something to eat.
They also took out the plaster covering the cut on the third day, and replaced it with just a dressing of gauze and tape. I was quite suprised, because for my previous deliveries, they didnt do that till maybe after a week! I was kinda scared of moving about coz of the 'wobbly bits'. They took off my IV from time to time to allow me to walk around the room coz they said it would help with my digestion. It didnt help.
Fourth day was a bliss, coz I discovered that the wound didnt hurt as much as it did in my previous deliveries. I got them to bring Izani to the room ans breastfed him for the whole day. He looked a bit yellow though. I told the nurse that I wanted to go home the next day if possible, so to make sure that I could bring the baby home as well.
The next morning (fifth day), we found out that Izani has jaundice, so he had to be under phototherapy the whole day. I couldnt breastfeed or see him, so I had to pump my milk out. I was super-bored in my room. I finished reading Gertrude and Claudius. Watched TV and more and more TV. In the evening I checked with the nursery and discovered that we had to stay and extra day. Anis came from ABC's house and we found that she had fallen on her face and her two front teeth had been pushed up into her gums. She looked so bad, I cried. I felt kinda guilty (for not being there for her) and kinda angry (like when you let someone borrow your car and found a huge dent when they return it to you). I cried alone when she left for home that night.
Oh, they also took out my stitches! And amazingly, I felt pretty good.
The next day (which was yesterday, Thursday) Taufik brought Anis to see the orthodontist and he said the two front teeth are loose and are pushed up into the gums which is making the gums swell, but they're not touching the permanent teeth, so there shouldn't be any deformities, but to come again in a week for a follow-up.
Izani was under phototherapy again and we were to check again in the evening on whether he could be discharged. Alhamdulillah, the evening's blood test showed that his bilirubin level is now safe, so he can go home. We packed our bags and settled the bill (can't remember how much it was.. around 8k I think). I hugged the nurses goodbye.
I got home, unpacked, changed into my jammies. Izani was asleep the whole time. He woke up at around midnight to feed. and again at around 4am ..
Here we go...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go ...

.. the only thing is, I am not leaving on a jet plane.
Though according to Ilham (who had his circumcision done under general anaesthesia), it did feel like he was a pilot in a jet fighter (coz he had the gas mask on) and he was about to crash. Then the next thing he knew, he saw us by his bed.

I packed the boys' lunchbox this morning. I kissed them goodbye and gave them a hug. Taufik showed them where he hid the house key.
I called Noran up and told her what's up. She wished me all the best. :)

Our smallest suitcase is packed to the max with my stuff (and one complete outfit for baby Izani to come home in). It's almost like I was going for a holiday instead of a delivery.
Come to think of it... maybe I *will* consider it as a holiday, since I won't have to clean house and cook food.. tee hee!
I've brought along John Updike's Getrude and Claudius with me. When I'm done with that, I'll probably ask Taufik to bring Azar Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Teheran to the hospital. The hospital is about a 15 minute drive from our house and his office, so.. I think I'll be okay.
Today he's taking the whole day off.
The rest of the week he said he'll come by during lunch and after work.
I've already showed him where all the stuff for the boys' lunchbox are and how Ilham likes his toasted sandwich with sugar and Ihsan likes his with chocolate (macam Milo lah). I showed him the cupcakes in the oven.

Boy I'm hungry and thirsty... Last night I only ate a cupcake and some milk before going to bed at 10pm, and I am not allowed to have anything else..

Okay then, see you when I see you!!

p/s Thankyou for all your prayers and well wishes!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Do you know where your kids are?

We sent Anis to ABC and Kak F's house today.
I packed her day clothes, jammies and undies. I packed the soft doggie toy that she sleeps with. I packed her toothbrush. She got to choose a book she wanted to bring (She chose Have You Seen My Cat?). She brought along her writing book and a pencil. I put 3 of her milk bottles and her tin of milk formula in a plastic bag, along with 5 packets of her favourite cookies.
I explained to her that she wont be sleeping with us tonight. She whined "awwwwhhhh!!". But when I told her she'd be sleeping over at her friend's house, she got all excited and said okay.
It's not like she's never slept over at other people's house before. She has had sleep overs at mokciknab's and at her nenek's with her cousins. But still...
Anyways, we said our goodbyes.. She kissed my hand, gave me a huge wet kiss on the lips and hugged me. I told her I was going to miss her. She told me she loves me and hugged me.
Then she ran to the toy bin and forgot all about me.

Did I tell you she can now make the 'K' sound properly??
I've been trying to teach her for the longest time.. and the other day, I tried teaching her again by touching the part of her tongue and mouth that made that sound. I told her "put that part of your tongue" (touch the back of tongue) "to this part of your mouth" (touch the roof of the back mouth) "and try to make that sound".
So she tried.
At first it was still "shh shh shh shat" , so I keep repeating the instruction and she kept trying.
Then it became "ch ch ch chat", so I encouraged her.
Then suddenly it was "k k k kat" and we cheered!!
She was so proud of herself!!
We practiced some more after that. Sometimes she won't get it, but everytime she does , she would go "Yay!! Anis Boleh!!" (Yay, I can do it!)
Now everytime she wants to say something with the 'K' sound, you'd hear her test it out first by going "k k k" and then saying the word.
Now I've only got to work on her Rs :D

gosh I miss her.

The boys are going to stay at home with us. My friend, S, (whose son is in Ilham's class and who was supposed to host my boys for the next five days) went back to Malaysia for the spring break and took an extra week off and I've been trying to call her all day but no one is answering. I think she has not come back yet.
So the plan now is, the boys are staying at home. Taufik will get them ready for school in the morning. They'll be going to school with the compound bus as normal, and come back as normal. Taufik will try to be home in time for their arrival home, else, Ilham will just let himself in (we're leaving the house key at a secret location) first. Taufik already wrote down what they're supposed to do once they get home (put socks in shoes, put away their lunchbox, change clothes, hang their uniforms, then do their homework). Taufik will come home, check on them then bring them to the hospital to see me.

I'm getting sleepy.
Today I made some chocolate cupcakes that'll last the boys a few days. (maybe 2 days)
I've washed all of the baby's stuff and picked his going-home outfit. All that's left is to pack my bag.
I'm supposed to stop eating at midnight. After midnight, I'm not even allowed to drink water.
Maybe I shouldnt have eaten tenggiri jeruk goreng (salted fish) for dinner..

I'll try to blog tomorrow before I leave for the hospital, but I doubt I have the time..
Well, if I don't, See You on the Other Side.. ;)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ligation, Laksam and Later, Lanky

Went to see the Ob&Gyn today for the pre-op stuff. They took my blood and urine and she checked the baby's heartbeat. Still going strong, alhamdulillah.
Then we went through my operation requests.. c-section, the non-dissolving sutures .. and I pointed out that we have decided to go ahead with the ligation.
She gave me a horrored gasp and said "no we cannot, because it is haram".
"anyway you only have 3 kids now, 2 boys and one girl, maybe you might want another girl" she insisted.
"I thought we're only allowed four c-sections" I asked.
"you're able to have up to 6" she explained.
"I do not want another one" Taufik said.
"Well, we're not going to do a ligation, you can opt for other types of contraceptives" and the Doctor made it final.
I was kinda p1ssed actually.
I mean, I'm not p1ssed because I can't have the ligation. It was because she didnt say anything about it being haram or that she didnt want to do it when I first brought it up. She just told me to reconsider. And after thinking about for months and considering the consequences and after I have made my decision, she is saying NO.
Does she even have the right to??
Dammit. She could have said so in the first place, then I wouldnt have to even bother thinking about it to make a decision.
and I was so looking forward to unbridled s3x...
tee hee.
I am resigned to the decision though.. maybe there's a reason behind it.
Wallahu-a'lam. Only God Knows.
Adalah hikmah dia tu kat mana-mana.. kan?

I went to my friend's house today. I had asked around for a second hand (because we are cheap that way) travel system (car seat that can be mounted to a stroller) and she was willing to part with hers coz her youngest is almost 2 and is too big for the car seat anyways.
So we went to her house to pay for it and pick it up.
She made me Laksam!!! Because she remembered how I was craving for it a few months ago and wanted to make sure I had some before I gave birth. That was so nice of her. And it was good too!! She only had long beans and cucumber for ulam (raw vegetables to be eaten with the steamed flat rice noodles and fish and coconut cream gravy) but I'm just thankful that it had some semblance of the real thing. I had 2 bowls of it and skipped dinner. :)
I still needed to cook dinner for the rest of the house though.. :P

Later, Lanky
I hated that they did a medley of Queen songs.. it was too much like Broadway.
(I'm talking about AI , by the way).
Okay.. I cried when Ryan said Elliot was in the bottom 3. I cried when he sang Somebody to Love again. I screamed NO with the crowd in the TV when ryan asked if Elliot deserved to go home. Clean up your ears and listen carefully americ@!! Elliot can sing!!
I skipped the whole Face part. I didnt want to have to go thru the agony of watching him try to perform We Will Rock You again.
I am sad that Lanky Bucky had to go, but I am also happy that it wasn't Elliot. I think aside from Taylor, Bucky showed that he has the most fun when he's on stage. He always has that smile, he's always dancing or something. I think he had the best time on the show.
I don't understand why The Face is still there. I think it's because he has all of Colorado and Bucky had to share North Carolina with Chris.
I hope he goes out next week, coz he really sucked this week.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

AI 2006: Final 8

I was watching The Weakest Link the other day when I heard Ann ask the question what is another name for the devil that starts with B and the contestant asnwered "Be-elzebub", which got me singing Bohemian Rhapsody. And I wondered if AI would ever do a tribute to Queen one of these days.
Lo and behold, this week's theme was Queen!

I was sorta dreading and anticipating this week's performence actually. Dreading, coz I know that a few of them would choose the staple anthemic songs like "We Will Rock You" and "We are The Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" and I could've sorta predict which ones they were.
Anticipating, because I was wishing some of them would have enough taste and love for Queen to be able to pick and sing Queen's more obscure songs, like "Best Friend" or maybe even "Bicycle Race" (Oh man, what I would give to see someone attempt that one!)

Well, no suprise that Ace chose "We will rock you" and Kellie sang "Bohemian Rhapsody". I was pretty thankful that Taylor didnt go ahead to sing "We are the champions" and chose "Crazy Little thing called love" instead.
And I love Elliot for chosing "Somebody To Love" :)

Bucky (Fat Bottom Girls) - it was a good song choice for him, and I liked that he injected a little bit of country to that song. I thought he did a blooming good job and that he rawked!

Ace (We will rock you) - it was a safe performence and not very vocally challenging, i thought he did a backstreet boys version of the song and he did NOT rawk me at all. I hope this makes him go home.

Kelly (Bohemian Rhapsody) - I have always been dubious of people who could slaughter and dismember this epic of a song into a one and a half minute clip (constantine and that girl in Rock Star included). I thought it was pretty weird coz this is the first time I heard this song in a Southern accent, but I think Kelly did a better job than Ace.

Chris (Innuendo) - gawd.. please stop screaming. I really like it better when he's really singing, coz when he screams his voice has this very annoying vibrato that just spoils everything. Otherwise I think he did a really good job in capturing the spirit of the song.

Kat "Who wants to live forever" - was a really really really good choice for Kat. I actually had goosebumps when she sang it. And she's so good at articulating the lyrics, I had visions of Christopher Lambert on the hills of Scotland and his wife just died and it made me all misty eyed. "There can be only ONE!"

Elliot (Somebody to Love) - I lurrrve this song!! And I think Elliot did a really good job! yay!! He really knows how to pick em, eh?

Taylor (Crazy Little thing called love) - He really borught it on tonight. Taylor is back!! He did a waaaay better job than David Ratford, definitely. I thoroughly enjoyed his performence.

Paris (Show must go on) - what a horrible outfit! and her performence was forgettable, for me. Sometimes I think she can be a bit too much..

Who I wish will go home: The FACE!
Who I think the voters will send home : hm.. either The Face (can't help it, I'm the king of wishful thinking..), or Bucky.

I really really hope last week's mistake won't happen again, and they dont send Elliot home.

Accentuation Transformation

*Looks at the blog alert for Keith.. can't believe that he's writing about Americ@n Id0l.. will read that AFTER i've watched the show*

After answering the A to Z Meme, I started to think about my accent.
I had wanted to elaborate my answer to that question, but I noticed that most people answered briefly and I always had this tendency to ramble on, so I decided not to..
Anyways, I wanna tell you about my accent, which could also be put under 'Unsual Talents'.

I have this weird tendency to mimick the way another person is talking to me.
Sometimes I can't help it and I am always afraid if the other person would think that I'm making fun of them and get offended by it.
In my mother tongue (read: Bahasa Malaysia), often times I have found that when I am with people who speak mostly the Kelantanese dialect, my accent/dialect would automatically change to Kelantanese. If I'm with a person who speaks Kedah-an, I'll defenitely say 'ayag' and not 'ayer'. When I'm with people from Trengganu.. well, you get the picture.
I don't know why I do that. Perhaps because subconciously my mind wants to make the other person more comfortable in communicating with me, or perhaps I think that they'll understand me better when I 'speak their language'.
The same goes for English. I noticed that when I'm talking to Ilham's teacher, i start sounding like Emma Thompson.. even her intonations..
When I go to the grocery store and talk to the Pakistani guy behind the counter I found myself rolling my Rs and also my head a bit..

So when I went to the U.S. to study, of course I picked up the accent and started saying 'gress' instead of 'gruss' when I'm referring to them green things growing out of the ground. I didnt pick it up straight away of course, it took me about a year. I thought I spoke pretty decent english when I first got there, but there was one time my roomates were playing pranks on one of their male friends who was living in the boy's dorm across ours and Kathy asked me to shout something at him so that he didnt know it was them but Amelia said "No, he'll recognize her accent!". I was like, "huh? I have an accent?".. I never knew I had an accent.

When I came home, some people had trouble understanding my English coz they said it didnt sound so right.
I remember running into a lady who worked in my office at the lobby of our building and I asked her "Are you waiting for someone?" or rather "Arr yew waiding for sum'one?" and she went "Huh?" and I had to change to "Weiting fo sambodi ah??" (Waiting for somebody uh?) before she comprehended and said "Ahh.. yalor!!" (which basically means Yes in Malaysian English).

I found out that after 10 years working for that company, my English had deteriorated and I was speaking just like that woman...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The ABCs of Elisa

Seeing this everywhere nowadays.. so I thought i'd give it a shot..

accent: I dont think I have one, but Malaysians tell me I have an American accent, whilst Americans tell me I have a Malaysian accent.. go figure.

booze: never touched a drop in my life.. I like to stay in control.

chore I hate: sweeping up and dusting, coz I'm allergic to dust. Also ironically, i'm allergic to dust.

dog or cat: When I was about 8, I used to have a cat named 'Kelabu' which means Grey because he was. He ran away from home and we never saw him again. Can't have any cats anymore coz Ihsan is slightly asthmatic.

essential electronics: The idjit box, if nothing else. A PC would be a plus.

favourite perfume/cologne: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, but now they've discontinued it, I'm using Glamorous. (rasa macam very the glamour gitew....)

gold or silver: my ear piercings are allergic to everything else but sterling silver, but anywhere else I wear gold (If i have them.. I don't have that much jewellery)

home: is wherever my husband and kids are. It can be a hotel room in Cherating for 3 days, it would still feel like home.

insomnia: hm.. I don't think I've ever had insomnia.. We Bustamans have a thing about sleep. We can never get enough.

job title: domestic goddess, sculptor of the minds of the future caretakers of the earth.

kids: Ilham, soon to be 8 year old boy. Ihsan, 7 year old boy in October. Anis, girl who just turned 4 in March. Izani, soon to be born son (check out my ticker!).

living arrangement: renting a 3-bedroom house in Canary Village, Al-Kh0bar, S@udi Ar@bia.

most admired trait: hm... I hope it's my attitude towards life, but I don't know.. this is really a question you've gotta ask someone else to answer for me.

number of sexual partners: only one, ever. Taufik, my husband.

overnight hospital stays: 4. 3 for delivery of my kids, and an extra one for when Anis had to be admitted for UV treatment for jaundice. There's another coming soon this Saturday.

phobia: my kids turning out bad

quote: "we were but stones, your light made us stars", taken from Lightyears by Pearl Jam. It reminds me that knowledge is a powerful thing, and to always pursue it. It reminds me that whatever I do can affect the lives of other people so I need to be generous but also careful.

religion: I'm a muslim and damn proud of it.

siblings: one elder sister, three younger sisters and one younger brother. All, but one, blogs.

time I usually wake up: depends on what time Subuh is, then I go back to sleep and wake up at 6:30am.

unusual talent: *thinks* I can stick my upper lips to my nostrils.. and it irritates the hell outta Taufik.

vegetable I refuse to eat: raw onions.

worst habit: picking on my skin.

x-rays: chest and teeth.

yummy foods I make: have you read my blog lately?? check out the 'culinary jam' category. If it's not under there, it means I'm not so good at making it.

zodiac sign: Virgos Rawks!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Take me home, Rocky Road..

I assure you, this will be the easiest peasiest damn chocolate candy you'll ever make.

Easiest pesiest : coz it's so easy. No electrical gadgets required. Only a measuring cup, a large pot and a stove top. Does not even require any baking!!
Damn: coz it's so yummmmmmeeeehhhh!!!!! You won't be able to eat just one.

I made this for the Bake Sale on this Wednesday's Spring Fair at the boys' school. I had been browsing the three-double-yews for no bake co0kie recipes for quite a while but found that most of them required using oats, which I don't particularly like. I've come across the recipe for these rocky road 'cookies' several times, but I had dismissed it coz they're not really 'cookies' ... more like candy.

Lazy and desperate, I decided to try it out and boy was I not dissapointed!
Feast your hungry eyes on this sinful square:

I wil not be responsible for failed diets due to viewing this post.

Rocky Road

12oz semi-sweet chocolate chips (That's one pack of the Hershey's chocolate chips)
14oz sweetened condensed milk (I bought two small cans and had to use a measuring cup)
2 tablespoons butter (unsalted)
2 cups dry roasted peanuts (unsalted! the non-oily kind, okay...)
10.5 oz mini marshmallows (I bought a bag and used a measuring cup)

In a huge bowl, combine nuts and marshmallows to ensure they're evenly distributed.
Heat up condensed milk and butter in a pot, and then melt chocolate chips into it, stirring well. Once all chips are melted, take off the heat. Fold in nuts and marshmallow till well mixed.
Line a 9in by 13in pan with wax paper. Pour mixture into pan, spreading as evenly as you can. Chill minimum 2 hours until firm.(Meanwhile, you can lick the spoon.. tee hee!)
Remove from pan and peel off wax paper, cut into squares (I transferred mine into paper cups to make them look pretty ;) ) and store in an airtight container @ room temperature.

If you have the patience and time, you can spoon them straight into paper cups before chilling them.
If you're dubious about your marshmallows, you can substitute with rice crispies for a crunchy, intead of chewy, treat.

This made about 48 of 1inch squares, 24 of which were 'edges', that I kept for self consumption.. tee hee! I am sure you'll get roughly 40-50 of them if you spoon them straight into paper cups (or if you trimmed off the edges not too widely).
The result was a creamy, not too sweet, crunchy but also chewy chocolate candy. If I were to make them again, I think I'll try to add a bit of cocoa powder to make the chocolate darker (I prefer it slightly bitter). And I think next time I'll also experiment with rice crispies or some other cereal (them chocolate balls, perhaps?).

Happy Drooling Trying!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gone!! It's all gone!!

know this is like, so superficial, but I can't help it!!

Yesterday I was busy cooking dinner and the kids were upstairs with their Ayah and I heard the sounds of Call of Duty 2 so I didnt suspect anything.
So when dinner was ready I called them to come down and we were at the dinner table and Anis sat beside me and gave me a grin and said "Ayah potong rambut"
I thought she meant that Taufik had a haircut yesterday, so I just uh-hmed and asked her to eat her rice.
"Ayah potong rambut Anis" she said.
I was like, WHAAAATTTT???? and took a look at her hair.
It's SHOOOOORRTTTTT!!! and all the curly2 bits are now gone!!!
I was like moaning and awwwing and whyyyy????ing and Taufik-how-could-you-ing all through dinner.
And it wasnt even even. There were bits that were too short.
"It was getting messy" Taufik reasoned.
"But we could've just tied it up" I whined
"They were getting all tangled up"
"I was willing to brush it out..." I sadly ran my fingers through Anis' hair.
"Its not even!!" I complained.
"You won't even notice.. coz her hair is all curly like that"
"Well, you've cut out all the curly bits.. it *is* noticeable now" I scolded him.

Poor Taufik.. he was only trying to help..
but then..
arrrrggghhh my little girl's hair!!!! I loved her hair!! I loved playing with it. I loved watching the curly bits sway when she's running around with her brothers. I loved how sometimes there's a halo around her face from all the stray hair.
I loved how her pale face peeks out underneath all the tangled up tresses while she's sleeping.
I loved tying it up that way and this way just to see how it'll turn out.
I can still experiment with the hair at this length, but then..
aarrggghhh I loved her hair long...
now I don't know whether she'll ever have those curly bits anymore..

But then again, maybe this is for the better. She's going to school soon, and I'm going to have a baby to take care of, so I might not have time to brush and tie her hair as often as I do now. Maybe she's better off with short hair.



I am still sad though!!! aaarrggghhhhhhhhh

Friday, April 07, 2006

can you spell h.e.c.t.i.c? I can spell f.u.l.f.i.l.l.i.n.g :)

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day.
Woke up, brushed my teeth, then made breakfast of sausages, toast, scrambled egges and baked beans.
The dining table was humming with conversation and occassional spurts of 'yummy yummy' coming from the kids.
After breakfast we who could reach over the sink washed the dishes and as with most Thursdays, it was then time to clean the house.
I cleaned the kitchen counters and scrubbed the sink and stove top.
Ihsan helped clean the kitchen table which was slightly crusted with cornflakes.. :P. He also helped dust some of the furniture in the living room.
Anis arranged shoes.
Ilham .. hm.. he helped me wash the dishes and then he went to write a story about dinosaurs.
Taufik vacuumed everything and then mopped everything.

My stove top had this spots of batter (from frequent frying of banana and sweet potato fritters) which I had put off from scrubbing for .. err.. months. Wiping them off didnt work. I had to spray it with my cleaning solution (homemade - water + laundry detergent + bleach, coz I am too much of a cheapo to pay 12.90 for the kinds sold in stores) leave it on for a bit and the scrub it off using a plastic brush. After about half an hour with unsatisfactory results, (Who knew batter sticks so hard to the surface if you've left it there for months?)(Well, apparently, I was the only one who didnt know).. I resorted to scraping it off with my nails.. hee hee.. whatever works, eh?

After downstairs was all cleaned up, we went upstairs. We got a little distracted by 'Most Wanted', a movie that was showing on TV. There was a scene where Keenan Ivory Wayans was at this lady's kitchen and he said "What's that smell?, it smells like Ammonium Sulfide (or some chemical)" and he looks over at the microwave which was counting down from 25 seconds and he says "RUN!!" and runs out of the house, which eventually exploded.
Taufik and I looked at each other and said "Why didnt he just press Stop?" "Ntah laaaaaa...."
I then went to clean my bathroom. Anis helped me out. I gave her a sponge/scrubber, took off all her clothes and let her scrub the bath tub. Good thing that she helped, too, coz when I was squatting and trying to scrub off the spots that she didnt get, it felt like I was having a contraction.
The boys did the kids' bathroom and Taufik helped mop and clean-up the bits that the kids didnt get.
Then everyone finally showered and we went out for lunch.

We miscalculated our timing and arrived just as the Thai restaurant that we wanted to eat at was closing. damn.
We headed for Mughal which I dreaded going to coz I didnt feel like eating Pakistani/Arab food and I whined about it and we were bickering when we saw this other Thai shop tucked in a corner and decided to stop there instead.
Food was quite good, but was expensive. We had Prawn Tom Yum (medium size and medium spicy), a large fried fish in sweet and sour sauce, a huge plate of mixed Thai vegetables (brocolli, stringbeans, kailan in oyster sauce with prawns, beef, chicken and squid), with white rice and a pitcher of ice tea = SR105. (Oh and Anis had her bowl of noodles in chicken soup). Expensive by our warung standards..

After lunch we went to the barbershop to give the boys a haircut. I had to wait in the car. After some of the customers left, Taufik managed to move the car so that we were right by the shop window. Anis and I got to watch them get their haircuts. Ilham always has this funny tickly face when he gets his haircut. And the barber always has to hold and turn his head this way and that. He's very wriggly. Ihsan would just keep his head down real low, his chin kept tight to his chest. They looked funny with really short hair, but good. "You look so funny!!" Anis would tell them when they got into the car.
While Taufik and Ilham went for Asar prayers at a nearby mosque, Ihsan was playing "smell my head" with Anis, forcing his noggin close to Anis's nose and Anis would say "eyewwwww" and they would giggle. Repeatedly.
I told them not to unlock the car for anyone else but Ayah and Abang Ilham and took a nap instead. I was woken up by Anis who told me that Ayah wants me to open the door for him.

Then we headed for the market square where they sold plants.
We bought 20 pots of this red tufty flowering plants (ekor kucing?) for SR1 each and 10 pots of japanese roses for SR1.50 each. We wanted to buy some potting soil, but they were expensive, so we just bought a small bag for SR10.
We went home, and taufik planted the red flowers along the driveway and the japanese roses in our backyard.
The kids played outside for a bit.
Then we watched Simpsons and Malcolm In The Middle.
Then I made dinner.
Then we ate dinner.
Then we washed the dishes.
Then we watched Americ@n Id0l, then I blogged while the kids played with the PS2 with their father.
Then I heard them go to bed and share a joke that I didnt catch but seemed to be really funny coz they were laughing non-stop, which made me shut down the computer and go to bed myself.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


:confused: :confused: :confused:

Diorang ni takder telinga ker??? kenapalah tak vote out mat sengau tu keluar?? aku tak percaya tak percaya tak percayaaaaaa...!

I was crying when Ryan revealed that the bottom three were Mandisa, Elliot and P@ris. I was yelling NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! at the TV when P@ris was declared safe and Elliot and Mandisa was left. I didnt want any of them to go. I don't think they deserved it.

I am really really really reallly shocked that Mandisa got voted out. Granted that yesterday was not her best performance, I didnt think it would result in her getting voted out. I thought she still brought it on even with an unfamiliar song.

I didnt think she'd end up as the Id0l, but I was hoping that at least she'd be in the final (and I had had high hopes that by some miracle, the americ@n public wouldn't be as superficial as I thought they were and would vote her to be the winner).
I guess I was wrong.

I really do hope she has had enough exposure from the show though. Would she be tied to whoever produces the show? Because I am sure some recording company would grab her in a heartbeat.

I wish Mandisa good luck. I would really miss watching her sing.

Bodoh bodoh bodoh lah korang nihhhhh!!! geram betulllllll

:@ :|

Tapikan... lagi bodoh kita sebab emo pasal program TV... kih kih kih... ;)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mommies are great!

There's an ongoing heated discussion at one of the on-line parenting forums I'm in.
It all started with a survey on how working mothers are coping with their lives. Then suddenly someone asked whether these working mothers feel like all their effort is 'worth it', and added how she is happy that she's not a working mom and hope she ends up in heaven for sacrificing her career for the sake of her family.
Well, you can just imagine the slew of replies that came in response to that comment.

You know what, I think mommies are always putting themselves down. What's worse is, there are mommies who put other mommies down.
We're never good enough.
When we're a stay-at-home mommy, we whine about loss of 'elegance' (coz we presumably sit around in our jammies all day long) and loss of sense of self. We dream about strutting about in power suits and high-heeled shoes ordering people around for a change. We dream about not smelling like detergent and sauted onions.
When we're a working mom, we whine about losing touch with our kids and losing that maternal instinct. We dream about lazing at home, watching Oprah. We dream about taking walks with our kids in the middle of the day. We dream about napping. We dream about smelling like baby powder. We dream of whipping up dishes from scratch, and wowing our spouse and children with our magic culinary skills.
It is made worse when there are mommies out there who asks "So who takes care of your children?" when we tell them we work, and then there are those who say "You're just a housewife?" when we tell them we don't work.
We are made to feel guilty when we hire a maid or send kids off to the nursery. We are made to feel 2nd class and unappreciated when we take care of them on our own.

I say, let's put it to rest.
I think as long as you are happy, it doesnt matter if you're spending only 12 hours or 24 hours a day with your kids. You can and will still be a good mommy.
There's no point of being a stay-at-home mommy if you're cranky all the time and screaming at the kids the moment they come home from school and feed them instant noodles (every day).
There's no harm in coming home at 7pm and not being able to cook for the kids yourself, if you are able to show them that they're special and you love them and spend the rest of the day with them.
Like the experts say, it's the quality, not quantity.
And if you do it right, and do it for the sake of raising good citizens that will take care of this earth in the future, you will be rewarded accordingly.

So whatever you do, work or not work, celebrate the fact that you're a mommy who is doing your best to raise your children and family right.

I think maybe that's why I like to blog about my kids. It sorta re-assures me that I am doing some things right, at least. To h*ll with those who thinks i'm boasting. It's my blog afterall, and it's meant to make *me* feel better about myself.

Well, I am hungry for breakfast and I havent showered yet. The kids are watching Johnny Bravo.

Monday, April 03, 2006


A few nights ago when Taufik was still away, the kids squabbled over who gets to sleep 'in the middle', which actually means who gets to sleep beside me. We had a system, everybody took turns. That night it was Ihsan's turn, and I had to explain to Anis why it wasnt her turn. She didnt understand what 'turn' means, so the boys and I were trying to explain it to her.
When everyone had settled down and accepted the arrangement, I laid on my side of the bed listening to the kids' breathing (or snoring as in Ilham's case) and wondered what it would be like with 4 kids instead of 3.
I know we're not the only parents who co-sleep with their kids, but I often wonder how other parents succeeded in kicking their kids out of their bedroom. Do they wait till they've grown body hair? (the kids, not the parents).
I mean, I love my kids.. but I think I've tried almost everything to get them to sleep in their own rooms, but to no avail.
Ihsan slept with the maid after I weaned him off, but then when my maid went home for good, he ended up sleeping in our bedroom again. The same thing happened with Anis.
I got them to sleep in their own room in this house (in S@udi) for a while, but then Anis started waking up in the middle of the night to crawl into our bed. Then the 'middle of the night' got earlier and earlier, till it became 'at bedtime'.
I've tried locking the door and yelling "Go back to bed!", but then she'd be so persistent, we'd give up in the end and let her in just so that we could get some sleep. So Anis ended up sleeping with us.
Then Ilham started getting 'nightmares' .. and Ihsan didnt want to sleep alone, so now they're sleeping on comforters on the carpet beside our bed.

I know my pregnancy is damning evidence that having children in the domestic goddess' budoir is not affecting her sex life, but i feel that it actually does.
I cannot 'get it on' when there are kids sleeping and snoring less than 5 feet of me. It just creeps me out. I know that they're asleep, but I believe that their souls' eyes are awake and can see. What if I'm psychologically damaging them with my activities (which can get a bit noisy at times)? What if they wake up and saw? That would be horrible!
So how did I get pregnant? Well, usually we end up sneaking out of the bedroom in the middle of the night, or doing it at other times (fringe benefits of being a housewife *wink*)

I'm trying to get the kids ready for not sleeping with me. I tell them that when the baby is born, they're gonna have to go back to sleeping in their own room. Coz the baby is going to have to sleep with me and there will be no room for them.
I hope it'll work.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

gerang sunggoh

Apologies to my readers who only read english and standard malay.. I feel like ranting and I do it best in Trengganu dialect

Gerang sunggoh lah..
Pagi sakni doh beriya2 nok tulih samthing, tapi bila tra nok login internet, buleh dial-up, tapi bila not bukok yahoo ke, nok masuk ke efx2 ke.. dokleh pulok.
Saghitu jadi doh ginni.. tapi bila cuba skali lagi, buleh pulok.
tapi haghi nih, beghapa puloh kali tra pun dok jjaddi jugok.
sambil2 tunggu tu kita ni dok mmaing lah minesweaper..
sapa bole mata-mata mmaing benda alloh nih..
pahtu tra lagi nok masuk internet, dokleh jugok!
sapa dok teringat doh nok tulih amende.

petang sikik bila dok ghok nok tra doh, kita pong talipong lah ke dia, tanya bakper lah weh dokleh masuk internet. Pahtu dia kata nati dia check, dia talipong smula lah deh? kiter ni pong tunggu lah jugok.. (bukang tunggu dok co-ngok dok wak ggape satu lah.. gi kkeda rucit semeta, mmasok sikit ke budok2.. tengok tibi sambil2 makang..)
Takdok talipong pung..
nasib baik lah kita ni jenih hok rajing check sediri. Lepah cakkak dengan Tofet dalam talipong (dia dudok atah bah doh.. tidor meta meta .. bah dok bgheti makang pung lagi, tunggu masuk isyak gamok nyer. Esok pagi sapa dumoh lah , Insya-Allah), kita pong tra lah sekali lagi..
Hoh! nasib baik buleh.
Natang sunggoh ... pokcik tu dok talipong kkabo pong!
Kita tengok lah pulok esok guaner. Buleh ke dok.
Tapi esok kiter dok tulih ggape satu ghamoknyer sebab pagi tu nok gi jjupe doktor, check-up hok last sekali, pahtu kalu tofet ghok, ingak nok gi b@hrain semeta. Bukang nok gi jjallang manna pong.. nok activate multiple entry visa jah. Tapi kalu buleh gi jjallang sikik, syok jugok lah.. gi bbelli cili sos ke ..

sapa sinning jah lah deh?