Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Conversation with Izani 04 march 2013

Scene: Me ironing while Izani is doing his Lughatul Arabiyah homework.

Izani: Why can't we say "Wa-alaikumsalam" then "Assalamu-alaikum"?
Me: Because "Assalamu-alaikum" means "Peace upon you" and "Wa-alaikumsalam" means "AND, peace upon you too". The "Wa" means "And". It'd be weird if you say "and peace upon you" first. It's like saying "You're welcome" before someone says "Thankyou" to you. Wouldn't that sound weird? "I am fine", "How are you?"
Izani: Ha ha ha you 're right, that *is*weird!!
Me: Izani, you know how you say "Assalamu-'alaikum" after you solat?
Izani: yeah, I say "assalamu-'alaikum" 2 times.
Me: Who do you say it to?
Izani: To Allah!
Me: no...
Izani: To ... Prophet Muhammad!
Me: Nope... you're giving salam to the two angels on your right and your left. Do you know who they are?
Izani: Oh, I know I know! One of them is an angel , all white, and the other is a devil, all red, with a pointy tail.
Me: eh no lah... That's only in cartoons lah! Actually, both of them are angels. The one on the right writes down all your good deeds, and the one on the left ...
Izani: tells you to do bad things!!
Me: No. He (?)  doesn't tell you anything. He just writes down your bad deeds. But you know what?
Izani: what?
Me: The one on the right, writes it down when you do good deeds, and also even when you're just thinking of doing good deeds. If you really do the good deed, he writes it down AGAIN.
The one on the left, writes it down when you do bad deeds, but doesn't write anything when you're just thinking of doing bad deeds. He will only write bad deeds down when you really do it.
And get this - If you thought of doing bad deeds, and then decide NOT to do it, guess who writes it down?
Ilham shouts from the other room: The good one!
Izani: the good one?
Me: Yup. If you thought of doing something bad, but you fight it and decide not to it, it's considered as a good deed!
Izani: *Phew* I wanted to get a star wars tattoo when I grow up, but now I decide not too. I will get pahala!! But Oh no! Arif's going to hell!
Me: hah? Why?
Izani: Because during the carnival he got a butterfly tattoo.. you know the one they rub with soap and water?
Me: Aiyahhhhh... those tattoos are okay lah.. coz they come off.
Izani: But tattoos are haram, bonda.
Me:  The permanent ones, the ones where you get poked by a needle and it wont come off. Those are haram.
Izani: Oh cool!! Coz I have been saving my Star Wars Tattoo! (he got from a cereal box). And I'm not going to hell!!
Me: You can't say who's going to heaven or hell. Only Allah can decide who goes to heaven or to hell. That's why you need to always make du'a and ask Allah to place you in heaven. That's why you have to behave and do good deeds all the time.
Izani: Okay Bonda, I will behave, so that I can go to heaven and get a tattoo and play PS3!!!! yippeeeee!!
Me: PS3???? itu je?

Aiyoh penat lah layan budak ni.