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okay confession: I only started this blog so that I can post comments on dina's hanturaya blog.
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Friday, June 11, 2004

okay here goes

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*cracks knuckles, rolls up sleeves*

So yesterday I did everything I said i was gonna do, except that my sister called me up at around 8 to tell me she can't pick up my kids and ask me if i could send them to her house myself instead. So the kids got to get out of school real early (11:00 am!) and I had to zig zag my way across PJ district coz I had to pick them up from one end of PJ (Kelana Jaya) send them across the other side of PJ (Damansara) then drive my way back to this end and head to Glenmarie (Shah Alam, which is another district altogether) where I had a lunch date with Pn Mariam.
And what a lunch it was! Shushi, canapes, crab salad, some seafood appetizer served in ceramic spoons, seafood spagetti, roast beef in black pepper sauce.. suffice to say it was enough to add salt to SyntheticFaith's 50-50 chicken wound.
And the dessert table.. um um um.. i won't even go there.
Well Pn Mariam is paying me peanuts for my emceeing services, so she might as well feed me and feed me well.. (her words, not mine).

okay i'll spare you the harrowing details of my rush home to shower, pray and catch the bus and run-walk back home to take the camera I had left behind and run-walk to the bustop again while thinking of 'Plan B: If I miss the bus'.

I reached KLCC, a few minutes away from my husband's office at 3:45, and the function is at 4pm. We still need to drive there. I called my husband and hurriedly ask him to come down NOW and drive his car out and ..
wasteful details.
I got there late, 4:15 because everybody in the whole of malaysia decided to come out driving that day and people started flouting traffic laws and traffic lights and every driver is an idjit except for us.

We drove up to carcosa and as we reach the gate i saw the guard and i started fumbling for the invitation card and took a deep breath to tell him "we have invitations!" and as he lifted his hand, I realized he was giving us a salute! Taufik and I giggled. I wondered if he would still do that if we were in my beat up Wira instead of Taufik's Volvo S70

Carcosa is super grand. There was a guy in a black suit (butler?) to open doors and valet parking and all and the vegetation surounding the place was lush and the buildings were really colonial.. Even though I knew the red carpet on the marble steps were for the former Prime Minister I couldn't help but pretend it was for me.. hee hee

So I followed the signs and went up to the registration table and saw En. Kamaruddin and the Indian lady I always meet in MSRI but I never catch her name..
I signed the guestbook and Pn Fatimah Harun (a good friend of DrAlijah) came up and introduced herself and said "Oh Tengku Elisa.. you're one of the speakers later.. I'm gonna be last coz my speech is 8 pages long!!" as I fingered the 8 index cards on which I wrote my speech on, huge letters, double spaced.
We were ushered towards the function room, which was filled with people already and the only available seats were on the last row. Thank God, the Tuns have not arrived yet.. or else it would've have been really embarassing to be there AFTER the guest of honour.
We had to wait for almost another hour before the Tuns arrived. Yasmin Yussof was the emcee and I made a mental note to go say Hi to her after the function and mention to her we had exchanged comments on each other's ryze guestbook .. though I don't expect her to remember..
anyways, there was a speech from the director of MSRI, who mentioned:
"Dr Alijah told her doctors she didnt need vitamins. Her vitamins were
vitamin C for Cigarrettes
C2 for Coffee
C3 for Chocolates
and G for Grapes"
laughter all around
Everybody's voice was like breaking.. it was quite an emotional event.

Okay so , my speech. I was slotted in the 'Remembering Alijah' section, where friends and acquaintences get to share their memories of Dr. Alijah Gordon. The guy before me was Dr. Kamal Ahmad (i hope I got his name right), who had worked with Dr Alijah for years and years. He didnt write anything down. He was poised.
Came my turn. Yasmin mispronounced my name (though I don't blame her, coz I think they mis-spelt my name) and I walked up to the rostrum. And said the usual opening stuff "Yang berbahagia bla bla bla" and then i thought oh my god the former prime minister is looking at me and my voice sounded so different like i was croaking instead of talking and once i tried to hold my index card with one hand and it shook terribly, I had to go back to holding it with my two hands and I was so concious about my lips and how it was trembling and how as hard as I try to turn the corners up to smile, at points it was pushing it self down ...
anyways, this was what I said:

Yang berbahagia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Yang berbahagia Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, Chairman of MSRI Mr SM Mohd Idris, Director of Beit Atfal As-Samoud Mr. Kassim Aina, Board of Governors, fellow sponsors and esteemed guests.

It's amazing how impressed you are when you meet someone in person compared to when you just read about them on paper.
The first time Datuk Dr. Alijah gordon called me up, it was to scold me for being late on my sponsorship payment. (I heard laughter of recognition from around the room, which made me glad )
I got an earful on moral responsibilities that day. I couldn't help but imagine that she was a fierce, head-mistress-like kind of person.
When I personally went to send my cheque to MSRI, she insited that I come upstairs to see her.
To be honest, I was really scared!! (laughter again)
But I was suprised, to find a frail old woman sitting on her bed, holding letters from my daughter, Israa Saada.
I had to resiste the urge to hug her. ( my throat began to hurt from the emotion) She was *SO* friendly. I felt a bit guilty for thinking that she could be nasty.
But most of all, I felt humbled, because even though she was frail and old and sickly, she was doing her very best to change the world. While I, who was relatively younger and healthier, could only write cheques and letters.
(I started to croak and shake)
But, if there's one thing that Dr. Alijah and my daughter Israa has taught me, it's that, even with so little, i *am* doing something to change the world, for at least ONE person. We, the sponsors, have not only provided food and education to a child, we have provided love & hope to the future generation of palestinians.
(the silence was deafening, and I started having doubts.. maybe I shouldnt say the next thing.. coz it might sound too proud, too boastful)
Were you suprised at how easy it was? I was suprised at how litlle sacrifice it took from me.
Since then, I now volunteer 2 hours of my time, once a month at the mosque in front of my house, to read english storybooks to the children in my community.
It's not that much, but I'm hoping that if I could instill even 1% of Dr. Alijah's spirit, generosity, tenacity and perserverence in me or my children. I wcould be proud of myself.
I see Yasmin nod
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Malaysian Sociological Research Institute and Beit Atfal As-Samoud, for being so patient with us sponsors and for keeping the sponsorship programme going, in the past, present and in the future.
May Allah reward your efforts in kind.
Assalamualaikum and Thankyou.
(polite applause)

When I got back to my seat, I asked Taufik if he took any pictures, and he said it was too far away, and the journalist occupied the aisles. I wanted to be angry, but I decided to let it go.
I didnt need pictures. I have modblog to immortalize it.
All the people who spoke after me had known Dr.Alijah personally for at least 10 years and was really close to her. I was the only one who's the fleeting errant acquaintance.

oooppss.. quitting time. I've gotta go pick up the kids.
More stuff on Monday.
and NO, I did not get to take a picture with Dr.M!! There were too many people surrounding him and I was too shy. He did smile at me when he walked pass me though and I said 'Hi' and I heard taufik say 'Hi' and we laughed about it later coz Taufik is not really a staunch supporter of Dr.M and I congratulated him for restraining himself from strangling Dr. M... heh heh
just kidding.. Taufik wouldnt actually strangle an old man..
It would've been nice if I *did* take a picture with him though.. coz he *is* a legendary leader afterall.. I mean i didnt agree with some of the things he's said or done in his life, but, he did do some great things and I respect him a lot for that.
*sigh* oh well...

oh yes, my kids! gotta go!

ciao for now! have a good weekend y'all!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004



tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow..

I wont be blogging tomorrow because I only blog when I'm supposed to be working and .. I'm not working tomorrow!!!

6:30am I am going to my weekly BNI meeting in the morning.
9:00am Chat with another BNI-member abt her business and how I could help generate more business for her (and vice versa).
12:00pm Have lunch with Pn Mariam Troelsen at Pan Pacific Glenmarie (free lunch wooh hooooo!!). We're gonna discuss about this MC job she wants to give me (she is SO kind).
2:00pm or so (i hope the lunch meeting dont drag) .. go home, shower, change and catch the bus to the LRT station
3:00pm should reach Taufik's office, and we should leave for Carcosa Seri Negara
4:00pm I should be at Carcosa sipping tea with the former Prime Minister.. well, not really *with*.. at least we'll be in the same room. I'm gonna take a deep breath, make muka tak malu (face with no shame) and ask him for a picture together with my husband. If my husband remembers to borrow the digital camera, I will be able to post it here. If not, then, i don't know when I'll be able to show it off... heh heh...

Oh god!! I still have to write my speech!!
I thought of winging it, but I think i'd be too nervous so I think I better write it down.
Okay gotta go do that now.

Wish me luck !!


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Just Write

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sometimes you think you know a person just because you're related to them.
Granted that you spent most of your life away from them and met them only during school holidays.
Granted that they went away to college when you came back from graduating.
Granted that they got married and moved away to another country while you stayed in the same place you partly grew up in.
But still, they're family, so you should know them, right?

I don't think you really know a person unless you communicate with that said person regularly.
I guess that's why Suhai and I were best friends even though physically, we didnt meet each other that often.
And I guess that's why sometimes online relatonships work.

What i'm trying to say is.. write to one another if u cant call or meet up for coffee and chat.
or write in a blog so that people can get to know you and catch up with whats going on.

I discovered somebody's blog yesterday. Somebody I'm supposed to know well, and whom I thot I did.
What I found suprised me.
I was Wow.
it's like I never knew you.
Are you for real?
I mean, this is you? Writing these stuff?
I'm in awe.
I think this is a [re]start of a wonderful relationship.


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This morning Ihsan was struggling with his underpants. Or 'Spender' as he calls it.

Unlike girls' underpants, which would have at least a ribbon, or a flower of some sort to indicate the front, top part, boys' underpants dont. Some of them come in boring plain colors with no adornments.
Some of his underpants have a cat or dog or fish or a picture of some cartoon character on the front, so he can never go wrong.
But some, like this particular one, has got tiny starfish and boats (or tractors or planes or astronauts and meteors and moons) all over the place, so he didnt know which way is up.

I heard him go "ughm, mphhff, ughhhmm" and asked him whats wrong and saw him trying to struggle into them underpants through one of the legholes. When he's done, his tummy was like bursting against the elastic and his dickie was peeking out.
I told him to take it off and tried to explain to him how to tell which way to put it on.
Ilham offered "make sure the small part's in front" and Ihsan held the underpants out with the small part infront, but the leghole on top, just like he was wearing it before. "That's the way I wore it before!!" He complained to his brother.
"okay, the tag is supposed to be on top, at the back" I said.
But I forgot, I had cut off the tags for this one coz the boys had been complaining that the tags were scratchy.
"Okay , make sure the BIG hole is on top and small part is in front" I said.
And Ihsan turned his underpants this way and that , comparing the size of the holes and put it in front of him over his dickie and asked "like this?" ,"Or this?" and when he got it right I gave him the okay.

Life is never boring with boys around...

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Posted by: nectar
Date: 6/8/04 at 1:10AM (1M3w ago)

he he. I too had to cut off all the tags and labels from pants or dresses because she complained they are ticklish.

Posted by: PrimaryBasic (Offline)
Date: 6/8/04 at 1:25AM (1M3w ago)


life indeed is interesting with your boys.

"I used to hate writing assignments, but now I enjoy them. I realized that the purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure poor reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog!"

Posted by: effyzah (Offline)
Date: 6/8/04 at 5:29AM (1M3w ago)
boys will b boys...wondering what is it gonna be like when i'll have one... :) yo! ive read bout yr mee bandung posting. 'sounds' yummy.......
-mommy wz 2 girls.

live life to the fullest !

Posted by: SyntheticFaith (Offline)
Date: 6/8/04 at 8:44AM (1M3w ago)

I had this problem yesterday morning.... not with the leg hole (I wish my waist would fit into my leg hole), but I put mine on backwards...chalk it up to sleepyness...I realized my mistake pretty quickly however, all without help from my mom! YAY I'm a big boy now.
They need to hook adult males up with some cartoons or something.