Wednesday, July 16, 2008

cant write long

Sorry for the silence. My internet was down since thursday afternoon and it was only up yesterday and I've been trying to play catch up with my emails since then.
You'd think with the internet down, I would've been able to settle packing and cleaning and stuff before, but aarrrgghhhh
I still need to scrub the stove, mop the kitchen floor, and clean out the fridge.
It's 9:14am and I am leaving at 2pm.
Enough time? I hope so.
Thank God I've got my packing done. Almost. Still need to saran wrap some fresh dates.

hey hey
so what's up with the blogger's gathering?
I'm still up for August 16th, up to you if you want brunch or tea. Let's make it simple, we can meet at some park or something. Makan kacang and play ball or whatever..
Can somebody help me with this? *Looks at Nina and grins*

gotta go.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Transfer is completed!


I am done transferring stuff from http://elisataufik.efx2blogs to here.

Now on to izani's blog!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2006 is done!

I have successfully transferred posts from 2006 over from efx2 to blogspot.
It all had to be done one by one! Itupun I did not even bother to update the links, so if you find broken links, I'm sorry.
And nad a.k.a mamarawks, sorry for the confusion, the post you commented on was one fo the old posts I transferred but forgot to change the date :P

I have go cook some giblets (pedal ayam) now.
Tomorrow: Posts from 2007!

Why in the world did I write so much???

p/s you might find some interesting culinary posts there. I guess I should start displaying my categories, eh?

Monday, July 07, 2008

kitchen window

A few weeks ago I told myself I would try to take at least one photo a day to sharpen my picture-taking skills.
So far I've only managed to take one picture a week, more like it.

Anyways, here's my kitchen window, from the outside and inside.

Those flowers are fake,
but their color provide enough cheer for me while I'm cutting up chicken or draining pasta or washing the dishes.
Worth the 9 times SR6 (SR54) that I paid for, and I don't even have to stress or worry about them dying on me when I go on my vacation (or forget to water). The only care they need is a little rinsing now and again to wash off the sand/dust, especially after a sandstorm.
It also makes my kitchen window unique when you look for it from the street :)