Saturday, July 09, 2005


I drove a lot this past few weeks... I think it's almost like God is trying to make up for me not being able to drive for the next few years that I will be in Saudi Arabia.

My lunch buddy Mdm Y calls me a spoilt driver, and I agree with her. For the 10 years that I worked where I had worked, I had to only go through, at most, 15 minutes of traffic to get to and come from work. Even then, I would complain when there's a slight congestion and if it takes me more than 15 minutes. I never drive further than Damansara. If I had to go anywhere further than that, I would either get my husband to send me, or hitch a ride with someone, or take the train.

I don't know whether it's coz I hate driving, or that I'm not confident with my driving abilities that make me hate driving further out from my 'comfort zone'.
I find driving through congested traffic really stressful. I've never driven anywhere else, so I wouldn't know whether it's because of Malaysian drivers or it's just me who's easily stressed out. I have no patience with slow drivers. I have no sympathy for queue-jumpers. And I hate people who tailgate me and flash their high beams at my bumper when I am trying to overtake another car.

This last few weeks I had been forced to come out of the comfort zone though. I had to drive to the Saudi embassy in KL, on 3 seperate ocassions. And, I had to drive to Putrajaya twice. All trips involve driving more than 15 minutes, through erratic traffic and together with more erratic drivers. I play it safe and always leave early. That way I won't feel like I have to hurry and I can play it cool. I bought food so that I could eat while driving. I had Pearl Jam, Peterpan and Bo Bice on the CD Changer to keep me company. And I invented a new game to amuse me: target a car and make overtaking it at some point my goal. I usually choose cars that change lanes because he/she thinks the lane we are currently on is too slow. Then when I pass that targeted car, I'd let out a hearty "HA HA!".
Oh yes. I must have had a few "Ha Ha!"s this past few weeks. It was fun.

Unlike my mother, who would pack for a trip at least a month before the said trip, I am a last minute packer. Even when I had to go to the US for my studies, my mom would nag me almost everyday for two weeks before the trip, asking me "Have you packed? Did you check whether you've got everything?", and I would be packing on the last night before the flight. usually staying up late going thru clothes and stuff.
It's the same this time.
I had 2 weeks to prepare for the movers coming. I had looked thru clothes but couldnt decide what to ship, and what to pack in suitcases to bring on the flight. So in the end, I had a list, on paper and in my head, of what to ship, but physically I havent done anything to those stuff.
The movers came this morning and I went into overdrive going through clothes, pulling comforters of beds, choosing my books and the kids' books...
3 hours. That's how long it took me. Not 3 weeks, but 3 hours. Thats not bad, eh, I think..
Taufik & I are both tired now..

oh.. we've packed the computer. (I'm on Taufik's laptop now). I don't know when it'll reach al-khobar. Prolly 6 weeks. And I don't have internet at home in Al-khobar yet. So this may be my last entry.
See ya!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


The Returned Lover finally falls asleep..
ah... wouldn't you like to know..

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dat Drew Ditty

Anis always sings a little song before she falls asleep.
Last night I heard her singing
"sea-vern rock, sea-vern rock, sea-vern rock"
and I was about to ask her whether it was a new nursery rhyme she learned in school when she got to the final line:
"Ohio hi-o hi-o!"
and I realized it's the theme song for The Drew Carey Show.
Oh.My.God. What have I done to my children??
Oh well, I hope that at least they get a sense of humor.

My flight to Saudi Arabia will be on the 15th of July, 8:45pm, from KLIA, of course.
Orang-orang yang berkenaan, sila ambil perhatian

When I told the kids that we were going to fly on a plane, they got so excited. Among them, Ihsan is the only one who had never been on a plane. Ilham accompanied me to Kerteh to meet his father when he was about 3 years old. Anis was 9 days old when she was carried into a plane when the original mokciknab passed away and we took the earliest flight to Trengganu.
They were jumping about in my mother's sitting room yelling hoorahs. Then we turned on the TV, and lo and behold, National Geographic was showing "Aircraft Disasters".
Now I have to calm these kids down.

Our passports are ready. Ilham's translated report card is ready to be sent to the Saudi Embassy tomorrow.
My husband is coming back tomorrow!! woo hooooo!!!