Thursday, February 01, 2007

Belated Birthday Boy

This is, like, almost 2 weeks late, but better late than never, eh?

Firhad is the only boy among my siblings. In fact, my parents emphasized that fact by calling him 'Boy' when he was little.
I must admit, when I was growing up, I resented that he was the only male in my family. He tended to get away with not doing any chores. Whilst we girls had to help in the kitchen, do the dishes, sweep around the house or fold laundry, Firhad was always allowed to just sit around and read books.
I missed out a lot on watching Firhad grow up because I was away studying. When I was finally home and working, I was dismayed to discover Firhad didn't do too well with his SPM, has started smoking and is basically, bumming around (in my eyes). He had a job with a company that produces commercials or something, but he didnt look like he was really working. I was kinda worried of what would become of him, would he be wandering around without clear direction, relying on my parents for the rest of his life? Once I had to put on a thick skin and explain to a bald (crew cut? skin head?) chinese lady in a tank-top and orange sunglasses why Firhad hadn't shown up to work and why he was still asleep at 3 in the afternoon. Dude, I didnt even know he was home, membuta in his dank cigarette smelling room.
It was like I didn't even know him even though we lived under the same roof. It was kinda sad.
But being brother and sister, you couldn't really stay strangers for long. I slowly got re-introduced to Firhad.
I discovered that underneath that chaotic job-hopping erratic way of his, he actually has a vision and ambition. Knowing that he worked his way (almost up now, eh?) from the very bottom of the pot made me admire his dedication and drive. I remember watching the first few episodes of The Brand and thinking, "woah this is a pretty cool show". Too bad it got all re-arranged and butchered and turned into some crap commercial show.
I must admit, after 32 years, he's turned out to be quite a responsible brother, son, husband, father, muslim. Plus, he can't be too bad if Rotidua wanted to marry him and is *still* married to him. (tee hee)
So, to the guy who introduced me to Frank Miller. The guy who left Lord Of The Rings lying around in the house for us to pick up sooner or later. The guy who brought Manga into the house. The guy who made me watch Akira till my head hurt. The guy who made me see movies in a different light.

Rawk on.

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