Friday, February 23, 2007

if i die

When I die,
I'd like to be buried in our dusun in Kg. Empa, Kedah. I'd like to be buried on the south end of the dusun near the manggosteen tree, closer to the creek and the hut. I don't want a tombstone, just plant a pokok tanjung to remind you of where I am resting. When the tree has grown, I want a circular bench built around its trunk so that people can sit around there eating manggis and durians and jagung rebus.

I want Ilham to have my engagement ring, to give to his wife.
I want Ihsan to have my wedding ring, to give to his wife.
I want Anis to have the emerald bracelet I got from my grandmother.
I want Izani to have the first ring you ever gave me, to give to his wife.
The rest of my jewellery (there's not much), should be sold off. The proceeds should be given to Isra Saada, via MSRI.

I give you permission to remarry.
Your new wife must know how to cook. I want you and my kids to be well fed.
Your new wife must love reading and playing with kids.
Your new wife must know how to swim. She must love the beach.
Your new wife need not love PearlJam as much as I did.
If you choose not to remarry, I want your mother to take care of our kids. I think she has more time on her hands than my mother.

I want my culinary jam posts compiled and be published.
I want my juvenile jam and fictional jam posts printed out and kept for my kids to read when they're old enough.

I want someone, anyone, to sing Lightyears and be reminded of me.

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