Wednesday, February 28, 2007

10 male idols

I loved that Blake sang Virtual Insanity. I think that's the first time anybody sang Jamiroqui on AI.
I thought Big Chris has alot of originality in him and he's like as sweet as a teddy bear.
I thought Small Chris exudes personality personality personality when he sings. Which makes him stand out.
And I think Sundance is finally back in the game.
I think guys who did well this week all did the same thing, showed their true selves, is comfortable with themselves and it's gonna pay off.

I think Sanjay and Brandon is gonna go home.


I don't think I can watch the girls tomorrow. I'm off on another roadtrip, this time to Riyadh to visit the Iris Fields with Sunflora and I'm staying over at Zura's place and I'm not sure if her house has StarWorld.

see ya when I get back!

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