Tuesday, February 27, 2007

why i'm different

okay let's get this over with.

gosh.. i think i'm pretty normal.
okay, here goes.

1. The Perfect Bite
When I eat, I like to create 'The Perfect Bite'. Every mouthful needs to be balanced and perfect as much as possible. If I'm eating nasi lemak for instance, the earlier spoonfuls need to have rice, a bit of egg, an ikan bilis, a nut and a bit of cucumber. If one of the 'ingredients' run out, I'll continue with one less until the others run out and I am left eating just the rice. (Can you understand or not?). If I'm eating KFC, I'll take a bit of flesh and a bit of the crunchy skin, scoop a bit of coleslaw and a bit of mashed potatoes. The perfect bite.

2. The Crunch
I like crunchy food. Crisps (chips to americans), keropok, cheetos, nuts, celery, iceberg lettuce, carrots.. you name a crunchy food, I like it. If possible, I'd like to have a crunchy item with all of my meals. I eat my meehon goreng with twisties. I add nuts to my salad. I have keropok or fried ikan bilis handy to get that crunch with rice. This trait has unfortunately been passed down to my kids.

3. The Power of Taste
I have this ability to memorize tastes. If I have tasted an ingredient and known its name, I could probably identify it the next time I taste it in some dish. I also have the ability to detect similarities of taste. This is a good skill to have when you're trying to cheat in cooking. I could re-create the taste of belacan using oyster sauce and a bit of MSG.

4. Semi-photographic memory
If I've been somewhere, I could usually picture it in my head. Somehow signboards and shopfronts stick in my memory well. Friends would usually ask me where they can find some shop or office and I could search in my memory bank like flipping through an album or something and tell you that there is a princess shoe shop in that square near Giant Kelana Jaya. I said 'Semi-photographic' because sometimes I can't even remember where I put my watch.

5. Scared swimmer
I can only swim in places where I can see the bottom. This all started when I watched this mini-series where the lady got killed by a crocodile that her husband put in her swimming pool (what was it called? The Other Side of Midnight?). If there is a pool that i can't see the bottom of, I would always imagine there's a crocodile in it and it would. freak. me. out. (And you know you can't float when you're freaked out). That rules out swimming in murky rivers/lakes.

6. Old Books (ha ha, this one is for PB, famygirl, ondeonde and all you new-book freaks)
I love the smell and look of old books. I love looking at creased spines, scribbles on the margins and missing corners from it being folded too many times. I love the smell of spotted browning paper. I love going to second hand book stores and book stalls at flea markets and rummage through their offerings. I love reading inscriptions, especially if it's a gift. I have yet to find gems like tulisje did, but even a short "To Shane Nicole Jones. With love, Mike. Carrie. Carly Fisher" in our secondhand copy of Mem Fox's Time for Bed thrilled me. I imagine little Shane curled up in his bed reading this book with his mom.

see. I'm not so weird.

I'm just gonna tag one person.
I am tagging pizzofmine.
he is seriously lagging on his posts, and I'm sure he could come up with more than 6. kan kan kan?

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