Thursday, February 22, 2007

male idols

just a short post.

Off the bat, I like Small Chris, Big Chris and Blake. Blake reminds me of elliot yameen, because of his mix of old-school and hip-hop style. Small Chris exudes so much confidence in himself and he looks like he's really having fun without trying so hard to be a star. Big Chris is also overflowing with confidence and charisma and he is so funny and I love him coz he had a such a good comeback for Simon's insults.
I think Sundance and Paul Kim is going home this week. I've never heard a worse rendition of Careless Whispers, and sundance's nights in white satin is truly truly truly karaoke.
The others are forgettable, but I'd also keep a lookout for AJ (You've got to admire his tenacity).


in other news,
I've been trying to post about my trip to indonesia, but could never get round to it... arrrggghhhhhh

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